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Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile

Post Date : October 26
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Our VCT sets the industry standard. Customers continually rate our tile No. 1 for quality, durability, value and service

Our VCT sets the industry standard. Customers continually rate our tile No. 1 for quality, durability, value and service. Visuals range from traffic-hiding, through-color chips to distinctive, non-directional patterns.

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Mitchell Weight Room Rubber Tile

Mitchell Weight Room Rubber Tile

Mitchell Weight Room Rubber Tile

For years Mitchell Rubber Products has been producing the most durable and recognized rubber flooring systems world wide.

For years Mitchell Rubber Products has been producing the most durable and recognized rubber flooring systems world wide. Today we continue to make the most durable & competitively priced rubber floor systems on the market.
Even greater is our ability to produce brilliant colors that are solid top to bottom.

Using virgin-based SBR rubber, we construct and mold solid rubber tiles that have an unlimited life expectancy and resiliency.
Because our rubber tiles are not constructed using total crumb rubber particle or glued together composite material, the tensile strength of our gym flooring systems are 4-times stronger than most products on the market today.

Key features:

  • Solid vulcanized virgin rubber-base top to bottom, not recycled tire
  • Extreme wear resistance
  • No adhesive required
  • Large 4x 4 and 2x 2 tile formats for any configuration
  • 10-brilliant colors
  • Performance warranty

Best Flex Flooring
The Best Flex rubber floor system is by far the most recognized product world-wide and is known for its easy installation plus minimal maintenance and more importantlylongevity.
The Best Flex rubber flooring system is made from virgin-base rubber and is the most durable USA made all rubber gym-floor on the market.

Mitchell Rubbers Best Flex rubber flooring is a unique interlocking rubber floor system and has been the corner stone of our weight-room floor systems. The Best Flex rubber flooring system is setting the industry standard for which most high impact weight-room products have been designed around.
A variety of components complete the rubber floor system which includes

  • Corners, inside/outside
  • Finishing transition borders
  • Center tiles

Best Flex Flooring Case Study:
Most recycled economy floors need major repair or total removal/installation on-average every 3-years. At the sheer cost of labor & downtime, a greater emphasis on quality flooring products is on the rise.
A recent removal of a recycled rolled product and an installation of a Mitchell virgin rubber floor system, with a potential unlimited wear-life, yielded a 30% return on investment within a 2-year period. The average cost for patch repair, down-time & eventual replacement of the entire recycled floor every 3-years, was not worth the initial cost savings.

Diamond Mega Plate
The Diamond Mega Plate is another step at making a monolithic weight-room and high impact floor system become a reality. With its unique styling and massive 4x4 tile format, the Diamond Mega Plate will make your facility come to life.
Molded from virgin-base SBR rubber, the Diamond Mega Plate is constructed with a seamless look and most importantly requires no adhesive.

Key Features:

  • Massive 4x 4 tile
  • Seamless look
  • No Adhesives required
  • Unique diamond plate texture
  • Virgin-base rubber, not recycled tire
  • 10-brilliant colors
  • Solid wear color top to bottom

Variable Use Applications:

  • Ice-Rink off ice Applications
  • Golf Pro Shop and Walk-Ways
  • Locker Rooms
  • Animal Care Facilities
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Batting Cages
  • Colors available

    Standard color lineArchitectural Color Line
    Black, Gray, Dust BlueBrown, Khaki, Green, Terra Cotta, Brilliant Red, Royal

    Basic Specifications & Testing:

    Diamond Plate Mega Flex

    DescriptionApproximate Size Approx. Weight
    Diamond Plate Mega Flex4 x 450 lbs.

    *Shore A Durometer 60 at 70 degrees F.
    *Wet-Dynamic not less than 30.
    *Tensile Strength not less than 890psi
    *Shrinkage not to exceed 1.1% after 7 days oven aging
    *Compression and Recovery not less than 90%.
    *Abrasion Resistance weight loss: grams per revolution 0.0011.
    *Specific Gravity 1.52.
    *Percentage Elongation 510%.
    *300% Modulus (psi) 575 psi.
    *Tear Die E (psi) 153 ppi.

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    Johnsonite Oil/Grease Resistant Tile

    Johnsonite Oil/Grease Resistant Tile

    Johnsonite Oil/Grease Resistant Tile

    Defiant Oil & Grease Resistant Rubber Tile

    Defiant Oil & Grease Resistant Rubber Tile

    What if you had a rubber floor that defies oil and grease? Youd have Defiant Oil and Grease Resistant Rubber Flooring. Defiant tiles are engineered to work most anywhere petroleum products, animal fats and vegetable oils are present. Defiant meets ASTM specifications D 471 for Oil and Grease Resistance and F 925 for Chemical Resistance to assure you the best protection available. Defiant Oil and Grease Resistant Rubber Flooring requires no additional waxing or sealing and helps prevent slips and falls. When you choose Defiant Rubber Flooring, youre helping to create a high-performance environment that allows the occupants to be safer, more efficient and more productive.

    • Resists animal fats, vegetable oils and petroleum products
    • ADA-compliant, slip-resistant surface creates a safer workplace
    • Easy to maintain
    • Reduced maintenance costs
    • Helps absorb sound in high-traffic areas
    • Comfortable underfoot
    • Low life-cycle costs
    • Installs with Johnsonite environmentally friendly adhesives
    • Wall base, transitions, chair rails and corner guards are available to coordinate throughout the space
    • Ten-year wear warranty

    Typical Applications

    • Food preparation areas
    • Bakeries
    • Caory production areas
    • Oil change work areas and waiting rooms
    • Auto customer service and parts counter areas
    • Cafeterias and restaurant areas
    • Service stations and mini-marts
    • Machine shops
    • Restrooms
    • Commercial kitchens

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