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Design Automation

Post Date : October 27
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Haryana India


Are you Fed Up With Repetitive Design Tasks?

Are you stressed by the pressure from your sales department to respond to quotations and poor instructions at short notice?
How often are you asked to work on product that is similar to something that you have designed before, or that is a variant of standard product?
How much of your time is spent on time consuming and repetitive design tasks that take up your valuable time and stop you getting on with real work?
How much of your time is spent copy-cadding or simply generating documentation rather than on real design and engineering tasks that you were originally trained for?
How many times have you seen all the knowledge the technical knowhow of your product leave with an individual?

Stop Worrying !!

DriveWorks brings you intuitive and user friendly set of tools that let you capture design Knowledge, rules and experience in the form of reusable rules and guidelines and then re-use the same for creating new variant of designs, quickly and cost effectively.

DriveWorks lets you specify new variants of the products through a user created custom interface. It takes the inputs from the forms, apply them to the various rules driving the design and applies the calculated results to SolidWorks Models and Drawings to create a new set of variant in few minutes.. The best part is that the custom interface can be used by non-technical people to specify the input parameters and the software works on the back end to generate whatever type of output is required. The outputs are all the documents that you need to help you respond to customer enquiries - Quotes, General Arrangement Drawings and all the manufacturing documentation too - 3D Models, 2D drawings, BOMs, Cutting Lists etc.

The uniqueness of DriveWorks is “No Programming Skills Required”. This makes it an ideal tool for mechanical engineers, who are usually not very skilled in API, VB .Net programming, to capture the design rules and generate the input interface quickly.

From the Design Office all the way to the Web, if and when you need it, DriveWorks grows with you to meet the Design Automation needs of you and your company

DriveWorksXpress : Included in every license of SolidWorks.

To know more visit

DriveWorksSolo: Ideal for a single user scenario.

To know more visit

DriveWorks Professional : Mix and match the DriveWorks software modules in DriveWorks Professional to suit your customers requirements. You can include multiple seats of each module

DriveWorks Administrator

  • Provides the Administrator functionality
  • Set up and Run Projects
  • Generate Outputs Locally
  • Connect to external data sources
  • Produce custom documents
  • Requires SolidWorks
  • Floating License available

DriveWorks User

  • Users can fill out forms but not change rules
  • Require access to the Company Network
  • Models can be generated by the User if they have SolidWorks, or by DriveWorks Model Generation Server if they do not
  • Floating License available

DriveWorks Model Generation Server

  • Runs Automatically
  • Generates SolidWorks Files
  • Generates other documents
  • Requires SolidWorks

DriveWorks Live

  • For the Web
  • Users require Internet Explorer
  • Users cannot change the rules
  • Models are Generated by DriveWorks Model Generation Server
  • Each Seat of DriveWorks Live Server supports 10 Concurrent Users
  • Multiple licenses of DriveWorks Live may be purchased and installed on different machines.
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SolidWorks Training

SolidWorks Training

SolidWorks Training

IDSPL has grown rapidly to become the leading providers of CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM/KBE/RE solutions to the mechanical Industry.

IDSPL is into the business of providing Design Software Solutions to the Mechanical Industries, which enables them to design better quality products at reduced production time and hence helps to reduce the related market and development costs.

Our customers need skilled manpower regularly due to promotion or switching of existing users, to use our latest 3D design technology. As Solid Works is the fastest selling software not only in India but also in the world, due to its ease to use and user friendly environment. Also more & more mechanical companies are choosing Solid Works software as their preferred product, and are shifting from 2D to 3D. We are running this program to fulfill the required regular need of our clients and to give better platform to the new and the deserving candidates in the market.

"By learning SolidWorks, students are better prepared to make a difference in a world where future success depends on innovative ideas and technology."

IDSPL runs the following training programs focusing on industry application using Solid Works –

  • 3D in machine & equipment design
  • 3D in product ,tool & die design

In this program we’ll be providing you with the 2 months training, out of which 1st month training will be provided for Solid Works Basic and advanced options in our Gurgaon office and in the 2nd month we’ll send the candidate to the customer’s site for on-the-job training, where candidate can show their performance and their ability. Candidate will work there for 4 days a week and next 2 days he will get special advanced application based training at our premises according to customer specification / requirements.

According to candidate’s performance at the customer site, candidate will get the placement in that particular company. If you don’t get placement there then we’ll again help you in getting the job by conducting your 2-3 interviews at our other esteem customers.

Need of this Training:

  1. Now a day’s companies don’t want to spend their time and money for training new candidates for 3D software.
  2. New candidates are trained only if they are ready to sign a bond with company, which normally candidates don’t want.
  3. Already trained candidates can emphasize more on learning engineering concepts rather than learning both software as well as engineering concepts side by side.
  4. To get preference over others, one should have something extra than only an engineer’s degree.

ADVANTAGES of this program:

  1. 100% job assurance
  2. Offers free CSWA exam to get certified for SolidWorks. (Certified SolidWorks Associate)
  3. Become the member of IDSPL SolidWorks user community and avail the benefit of our regular seminar.
  4. Student software kit license is provided totally free of cost.

If you are interested to build up your career in Design field with Mechanical industries you can avail the opportunity of this program by going through the following process:

  1. Examination on Mechanical Engineering
  2. Aptitude Test
  3. Interview
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