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Adjacent Channel Modulator (CATV Headend)

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Post Date : October 28
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Sichuan China (Mainland)
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1. Twice-frequency conversion
2. Surface audio wave noise filter and PLL technology
3. Using adjacent channel

Adjacent Channel Modulator

CATV Headend Modulator, DVB Headend Modulator, DTV Headend Modulator Digital Headend Modulator;

Using adjacent channel design, fulfilling adjacent channel transmitting requirement.
Twice-frequency conversion, intermediate frequency processing, surface audio wave noise filter and PLL technology.

19-inch standard structure, flexible fit out, convenient operation and maintenance.



A Radio Frequency

1. Frequency range

(48 ~ 860) MHz (Designated Channel)

2. Television mode


3. Intermediate frequency


4. Output return loss

VHF: ≥14dB

UHF: ≥12dB

5. Output level


6. Audio carrier power to video carrier

power ratio

(14~22) dB (factory default 18±1dB)

7. Precision of frequency

VHF: ±2KHz

UHF: ±5KHz

8. Total video carrier deviation

VHF: ±10KHz

UHF: ±20KHz

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Scrambler (Digital headend)

Scrambler (Digital headend)

Scrambler (Digital headend)

(Digital headend) Scrambler:
1-Channel protection for ASI output
2-Comprehensive MPEG code stream analysis
3-Network monitor

CATV Headend, DVB Headend, DTV Headend, Scrambler CATV Headend;

TLCA-3 stand alone scrambler is applied for the simultcrypt scrambling of input code stream. It can send fixed or agile word scrambling according to transport stream. The built-in simultcrypt synchronization controller transmits the exchange information with ECMG. When integrated with CA.

the scrambler adjusts cryptoperiod appropriately in order to make decoder function normally. This is highly integrated equipment for digital TV scrambling.


· DVB common scramble system description ETR289, common scramble system description.

· DVB scramble designated program or transport stream.

· Comply with DVB standard arithmetic, supports simultcrypt, compatible with multi-CA system.

· Comprehensive MPEG code stream analysis.

· Re-process PSI/SI information from TS.

· Channel protection for ASI output.

· Bit rate auto adaption, PCR reset and re-mark.

· Remote real-time monitor of transport stream.

· Auto switch and input backup.

· Pocket format; auto adaption of 188/204 bit rate.

· Network monitor.

· PCR correction.

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QPSK To QAM Trans Modulator (Digital Headend)

QPSK To QAM Trans Modulator (Digital Headend)

QPSK To QAM Trans Modulator (Digital Headend)

qam Modulator:
1-Comply with DVB standard signal channel coding
2-Super buffer (optional), anti-burst code stream

QPSK to QAM Trans Modulator digital Headend DTV Headend, DVB Headend;

TLQPM-3 QPSK to QAM modulator is a high performance equipment combining QPSK decoding with QAM modulation . It receives DVB transport stream from satellite receiver, encoder, multiplexer, DVB gateway, scrambler, video server etc. and provide IF or RF output after RS encoding, convolution interweaving process and QAM modulation. This transformer is mainly used in digital cable TV head end system to transfersatellite signal into cable TV network, which further saving the amount of satellite decoder, digital multiplexer and providing an economical solution. It can also be used as a pure QAM modulator when receiving the DVB-ASI input stream.


· Comply with DVB standard signal channel coding;

· Support full range variable data rate, bandwidth and QAM mode data stuffing;

· Super buffer (optional), anti-burst code stream;

· PID filter, re-mapping, PSI. SI. Information on synchronal updating possible;

· Automatically code stream stuffing and empty pocket deleting;

· Code stream real-time monitoring, empty pocket filtering;

· Support NIT table modifying;

· Real-time code stream monitoring

· PCR adjusting, output symbol rate variable: 1-7Ms/s;

· Fixed or agile channel output;

· Providing ASI and DS3(optional) code stream interface;

· Providing RF output monitoring port(-20dB);

· Local or remote administration possible;

· LCD display, flexible in operating;

· High reliability design, stable in running;

· Equipment combining QPSK decoding with QAM modulation.

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