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Astronomical base Programmable Street Light Control Switch

  • 25 Piece/Pieces
  • Uttar Pradesh India
  • 120Amp
  • US $ 98 / Piece
  • 250V
  • Tag:automatic light switch
Post Date : October 30
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Uttar Pradesh India
US $ 98 / Piece
Western Union
500 Piece/Pieces per Month


Astronomical base Programmable Street Light Control Switch, with high & low voltage and over load protection.

Street Light Control Switch “STREETHAWK” on “astronomical timing with built in Contactor varying from 60Amp to 120Amp in different models.

Real Time Clock : Programmable street light control switch shall have in built real time clock with battery backup sufficient for five years minimum. It shall display the day and date along with ON and OFF time and the energy consumed by load attached to Street Light Control Switch, on LCD or / LED display and maintain thee timing accuracy of ± 1 (one) second over the entire range of environmental operating conditions.

Programming Features:

  1. Switch ON and OFF the streetlight of rated loads at rated power factor at pre determined time.
  2. Have facilities of default (company programmed) and define (user programmable) to pre program the switch the ON and OFF time for one year with minimum 12 program spread over year.
  3. The facility to select the switching the streetlight when the ambient light level falls below 40 Lux and switching of the light at pre determined time interval or when the ambient light level goes above 60 Lux. Light detector used to sense the light level shall be immune to moon light and streetlight.
  4. Streetlight ON / OFF timing accuracy is maintained within 60 seconds from preset time under the entire range of environment conditions.
  5. Facilities to switch ON/OFF the streetlight loads manually by passing the programmed circuit.
  6. System have auto recovery relay (ARR) that can facilitate automatic switching of streetlight on power recovery after power failure.
  7. Late night switching of load is provided to ensure power saving.


OverVoltage / Under Voltage:

  1. Have protection form Over Voltage i.e. load switch OFF when voltage goes above 260V (adjustable at factory end) and auto restart when normal voltage is sensed i.e. 250V.
  2. Have protection form Under Voltage i.e. load switch OFF when voltage goes below 160V (adjustable at factory end) and auto restart when normal voltage is sensed i.e. 180V.

Over Load and Short Circuit Protection:

System switch off the load when the load increases more than specified or short circuit. The system remain off until over load / short circuit is removed and manually switches the button Auto / Manual. Tripping time is less than 1sec, so that attached load remain safe. Feature also protect from undue electrical energy theft.

System is available in:

Single phase control : Model No PSCS 6kW, PSCS 10kW & PSCS 15kW

Three Phase control: Each phase can be given different time to control the load, independently.

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