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Second hand 4 Roll Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine

Post Date : October 30
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Sheet / Plate Rolling
Calandre 4 Rulli Idrauliche
Roller-Bending Machine



Ideal bending roll for automatic stainless steel plate forming. -Width of plate 2000 mm -Thickness 08 mm -Pre-bending 06 mm.

Available with modern CNC with CAD/CAM interface software package. 4 axis, complete automatic calculation of bending process according plate parameters. CAM interface to draw the shape of the plate on the screen of the CNC and calculating the production program. Drawings data transfer in .dxf format. Teach and store for traditionalcprogramming process. All movable parts of the machine are programmable.

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Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine ROLL PRESS BENDING MACHINE Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine

Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine ROLL PRESS BENDING MACHINE Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine

Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine ROLL PRESS BENDING MACHINE Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine

3000/40/prebending 25

Width of plate: 3000 mm
-Thickness of plate rolling: 40 mm
-Pre bending plate thickness 25 mm

All three hydraulic driven rolls are movable with hydraulic synchronization to gain the best geometry of bending for any thickness of plate. The speed of revolution is controlled with an
automatic hydraulic peripheral compensation to avoid plate slippage.
Pre-bending by pressing plate with the upper roll, so that the plate is
not lifted and remain always horizontal to the floor ( this is a works benefit when rolling very
long plates ), this condition is reducing the influence of the weight insisting against the rolls
and reducing the loss of capacity .
Opening between rolls is very large, much above that the nominal capacity of the machine,
this is giving the additional advantage to roll specific applications.
The three rolls can be tilted for cone rolling -Can be formed a very tight
diameter of the cone, almost close to the size of top roll. The cone bending procedure is quite
simple and practical , does not require specific skill to obtain immediately good conical forming

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fire extinguisher manufacturing plant

fire extinguisher manufacturing plant

fire extinguisher manufacturing plant

Complete line for production of fire extinguishers or production of steel tanks

CNC Hydraulic deepdraw- & transfer press line
4 dies available: 2 in use & 2 reserve
Equipped with double head decoiler and straightener
- Straightener
max bandwidth: 300 mm
7 straightening rolls at Ø 80 mm
2 (pneumatic) drawing rolls at Ø 120 mm
speed: 2-10m/min
bandthicnkess: 0,8 - 3 mm

- decoiler
max bandwidth: 300 mm
max coilweight: 4 ton
inner coildia: Ø 508 mm
outer coildia: Ø 1500 mm
hydraulic system: 2,2kW - 100 bar - 11l/min

- Automatic CNC Feeder
- Automatic toolchangingsystem

Complete working plant:

· 2 machines - for punching the hole to fit the L-piece

· 1 machine Pin welding

· 1 machine circular welding

· 1 machine circular seam welding -

· 2 machines spot welding

· Automatic Rollsystem cap: 500 x 2mm Precut plates are automatically fed into the machine
capacity: 400 pieces/day

· 1 machine Electromecanique, spot welding

· 1 machine circular double seam welding

· 1 machine, auto circular welding

· 1 machine Automator Roll marking machine hydraulically driven, up to 22mm incl mandrel to receive fire extinguisher dia 185 & 150mm

· 3 machines Vertical rim beading and trimming machine max workpiece dia: 400 mm max thickness at 40kg/mm2: 3 mm
max thickness at 80kg/mm2: 2mm , 90-380 rpm, cycle time per workpiece: 6 - 7,5 sec, power on spindle: 7,5kW

· 1 machine Vertical rim beading and trimming machine max dia workpiece: 250 mm max workpiece height: 300 mm
max thickness at 400N/mm2: 3 mm, 50-500rpm/min, spindle DIN 55027 GR.4, number of processing units: 3
adjustable pressure: 2-10 kN, power on spindle: 2kW

· Degreasing & phosphating machine gratedia: 1430 mm gratewidth: 1100 mm max load: 1000 kg , dimensions dooropening: 1190 x 830 mm, max workpiece height: 760 mm, basket dimensions: 1100 x 1100 with beveled corners, wash tank capacity: 650 liter, rinse tank capacity: 600 liter, flow: 530 liters/min, machine dimensions: 2880 x 1690 x 3100 mm, weight: 1800 kg

· CNC Hyrdaulic draw presses from 200 (4pcs) ton, 250 (4pcs) ton and 400 (3pcs) Ton

· Immaculate condition

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