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Artificial honey

  • 20 Ton/Tons
  • Hubei China (Mainland)
  • d 30
  • d 18%
  • 48%
  • Tag:Artificial Honey,High Quality Artificial Honey,Mixed Syrup,Wuhan Jindege Sugar Co
Post Date : November 06
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Hubei China (Mainland)
d 30
d 18%
e 8.3
d 5
200 Ton/Tons per Day
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Artificial honey
1)unique flavor,
2)moderate taste,
3)mixed well in food and beverage

Artificial honey

An overview of the main advantages:
1. Confection products, to use normal sugar, it will in a certain temperature, the concentration of saturation, into the crystalline state can become crystal analysis, also called back to sand. Generally speaking, return the deposited sand to reduce the role of sugar to the detriment of the quality and appearance of such products, in order to prevent this phenomenon by adding honey syrup, using its moisture absorption characteristics, can inhibit the crystallization can also be the product transformation of its own sugar to prevent crystallization, increase the degree of the product color.
2. In sugar, canned fruits and vegetables category, the most common problem is to prevent the discoloration of sugar, all kinds of fruit canned in the process or in a variety of discoloration occurred during exported. Required under the sugar sugar concentration, by adding honey syrup, using syrup adjustable de values and their permeability can be reduced by sugar dipping sauce of time, increasing flavor, improved moisture retention Canned food. In the use of low-sugar candied sugar: honey, syrup = 2:3 as pickled agent.
3. Honey syrup can drink is tonic and natural medicines. Because honey syrup contains large amounts of glucose and fructose, easily absorbed, the elderly, children, mothers, and especially suitable for the infirm after the illness. Honey syrup as a sweetener widely used in a variety of food, those who use sugar as an ingredient in food, in part or all of the syrup with honey instead. Can be made with honey cakes, all kinds of beverages, brewing honey wine, in the chemical industry are also widely used.
4. Honey syrup, honey contains a natural, so hepatitis, stomach, heart disease, high blood pressure, nephritis, anemia, constipation, duode

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High fructose syrup

High fructose syrup

High fructose syrup

High fructose syrup
1) It is about 75% sweeter than sucrose,
2)less expensive than sugar,
3) mixed well in many foods.

High fructose syrup

High fructose syrup is widely used in beverages,carbonated drinks,fruit drinks,breads,cakes,tinned fruits,jams,succades,dairy foods etc.


colorless or yellowish light transparent and viscous liquid


smell of fructose


sweet taste, no peculiar smell

Physics Index



Dry solids




Glucose + Fructose


PH value


Color RBU

50 RBU

Infusible granule


Sulphate ash




Hygiene Index


Top grade

First grade

Second grade







Coliforms (N)

30 MPN/100g

Total bacteria(N)

1500 cfu/ml

Pathogens (salmonella)


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Honey (Mixed) Syrup for cold drink

Honey (Mixed) Syrup for cold drink

Honey (Mixed) Syrup for cold drink

Honey (Mixed) Syrup for cold drink
1)It keeps the natural sweet and color
2)Mixed well in many food industry
3)lower price

Honey (Mixed) Syrup for cold drink

Detailed Description:

HONEY(mixed)SYRUP is made from natural honey,rice fructose syrup and maltose syrup.

Honey Syrup is the natural sweet and natural color which is blend of honey and syrup with different content. It is amber liquid with no visible impurity.


1).Honey syrup is mixed with natural honey, fructose syrup and maltose syrup,and then refined into a kind of honey mixed syrup.

2).Low-sweet, low-caries, low hygroscopicity, bright colour, taste pure, throat feel comfortable.

Product Application:applied directly to the bread, cakes, food, to improve the taste,suitable for a variety of western-style meals, pearl milk tea,tea and coffee, etc.

Packing: 250g/ bear bottle; 500g/ glass jar; 3kg/ PETE Pail;25kg/ Tin Plate;290kg/ Iron Drum or PP Drum or others as per customer's requirement.

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