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DP-10 Digital Ultrasound System Mindray

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2 Unit/Units
100 Unit/Units per Month
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1,Ergonomic design with extreme mobility
2,wide clinical applications
3,Light and compact design for extreme portability

Mindray DP-10 Portable Ultrasound System

Ergonomic design with extreme mobility
. 12.1'' LED monitor with 30 degree tilting function
. User friendly control panel with backlit, silicon keyboard
. Light and compact design for extreme portability

Diagnostic confidence and wide clinical applications
. Full digital technology
. IP (image process) for fast image optimization
. 8-TGC assuring accurate image control
. A broad range of transducers for obstetrics, gynecology, abdomen, urology, small parts, orthopedics and pediatrics applications

Improve efficiency by optimizing the workflow
. Fast boot-up within 20s
. User-defined keys to define personalized operations
. One key images or cines saved to local disk or USB

Standard Configuration
. 12.1-inch LED monitor
. One transducer connector
. Control Panel
. Handle
. Indicators: Power/Battery/Standby/HDD status
. I/O Interfaces
. 2 USB ports
. 1 VGA OUT port
. 1 Video OUT
. 1 S-Video OUT
. Measurement & Calculation software packages

. Second transducer connector
. DICOM 3.0: Image storage and printing
. Footswitch
. Mobile trolley: UMT-110
. Carrying Case
. Keyboard dust-proof cover
. Needle-guided brackets

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Mindray Diagnostic ultrasound system

Mindray Diagnostic ultrasound system

Mindray Diagnostic ultrasound system

1,iFlow is an innovative technology to better visualize tiny vessels and complex flow patterns.
2,High resolution iClear

Mindray Diagnostic ultrasound system

Proven technologies guarantee excellent images:
Image quality was the cornerstone when designing the DC-8. We developed a completely new architecture which has the capability to easily adapt to different body types by using new transducer technologies and innovative image processing algorithms. This allows you to acquire excellent images incredibly easy even performing difficult ultrasound examinations.

3T New Transducer Technology
It is Mindray’s unique technology to increase bandwidth and transmission efficiency, thus offering better SNR and improved resolution. It allows you to:
. Scan with higher frequency even focusing on in deep structures;
. Acquire images easier and faster at different body types;
. Obtain better image clarity scanning most challenging patients.

iFlow is an innovative technology to better visualize tiny vessels and complex flow patterns. Based on our exclusive processing algorithm, the system can:
. Detect very weak color Doppler signals with an optimal S/N ratio;
. Provide extraordinary spatial resolution without compromising penetration or sensitivity;

Ultra Wideband Nonlinear Processing is Mindray’s latest patent technology to enhance contrast capabilities. With the ultra-wideband signal transmission, the system is sophisticated in manipulating both 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals, and finally generates the image with significant enhancements:
. The S/N ratio can be improved by approximately 20-30% as compared with other systems;
. The contrast tissue ratio can be enhanced by 20-30% as compared to phase inversion method;
. The contrast enhanced signal can last for 20-30% longer for better observation.

Other imaging technologies:
High resolution iClear: speckle suppression technology improves contrast resolution to better detect and visualize pathological structures. It is now even available for 3D/4D imaging.
iBeam spatial compounding: use multiple scan angles to form a single image that has enhanced contrast resolution and improved visualization.

Intelligence beyond your imagination
DC-8 is committed to improve your scanning procedures and reducing repetitive stress.
The new platform enables an optimum flexibility for post processing and analysis of the Raw Data image. This allows you to achieve maximum productivity during scanning. Meanwhile, you can easily manipulate the stored images to assure diagnostic confidence whenever and wherever needed.

Raw Data processing is versatile and powerful, which allows you to:
. Adjust B-mode gain, dynamic range and gray scale maps to bring out subtle detail
. Color invert, color maps and on/off capability
. Doppler gain, baseline shift, sweep speed, angle adjust and spectral invert for Doppler optimization after scanning
. Take measurements, add or edit annotations

What’s more, the DC-8 can tell you the next step of an exam and automatically inserts comments, initiates and completes the required measurements, and even more. All this is enabled by the powerful iWorks, by which you can have standard scan protocols or you can easily customize a user-defined protocol. iWorks allows you to concentrate more on the patient, and much less on operation steps or keystrokes.

With iWorks the system can do the following:
. Automatically sets up imaging controls and modes;
. Automatically inserts comments;
. Automatically initiates and completes the requires measurements;
. Very flexible to customize the protocol for unusual cases

Consideration beyond comfort
DC-8 offers ergonomic solutions that address every aspect of your comfort. A smart new shape and more convenient operations make DC-8 a well-suited system for multiple clinical settings.

The high quality LCD monitor facilitates better assessment of more detailed structures using iZoom. In addition, an intuitive touch screen is supported which offer permanent direct access to all modes and features.

19 inch high-resolution LCD monitor
. Bigger clinical image area with high resolution reduces your eye fatigue
. Wide degree of tilt and rotate angle brings your body a neutral position
. Fold-down mechanism allows easy move ability

Articulating arm
. Smooth horizontal swiveling and height adjustment

10.4 inch color touch screen
. Direct accessibility to all functions at your touch

User- friendly control panel
. Logically grouped keys reduce learning time and brings easy operation
. Swivels and rotates into place effortlessly
. Innovative “kidney” shape design enables the most comfortable posture
. Gel warmer and specially designed placement for endocavity probe

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New Digital Ultrasound Scanner Mindray DP-30

New Digital Ultrasound Scanner Mindray DP-30

New Digital Ultrasound Scanner Mindray DP-30

new digital scanner:
1.Imaging System
2.Exceed Your Expectations
3.When fashionable desi

New Digital Ultrasound Scanner Mindray DP-30

“The image quality achievable from such a small machine is beyond all expectations.”
. Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) enhancing contrast resolution
. One-key quick image optimization by IP(Image Processing)
. 8-segment TGC assuring accurate image adjustment

“The smart DP-30 system can be easily carried to patients all over the hospital.”
. Compact size
. Only 5.5Kg

“The DP-30 allows handling emergency patients, anytime, anywhere.”
. Ready to scan within 17s
. User-defined keys, programmable personalized operations
. One-key function for image and cine storage to local disk or USB drive
. Lithium battery supporting up to 1.5 hours continuous scanning

“ To review images saved earlier, Just turn on iStation!”
. iStation™ integrated patient data storage, archiving, review and retrieval efficiently
. 320G hard disk for massive image storage

Standard Configuration:
. 12.1-inch LED monitor
. One transducer connecter
. Control Panel
. Handle
. Indicators: Power/Battery/Standby/HDD status
. iStation™
. Two USB ports
. Measurement & Calculation software packages

. 320G integrated hard disk
. Second transducer connecter
. DICOM 3.0: Image storage and printing
. Lithium-ion Battery
. Battery Pack
. Footswitch
. Mobile trolley: UMT-110
. Carrying Case
. Keyboard dust-proof cover
. Needle-guided brackets

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