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gold capacitor super capacitor 10F

  • USD 2 - 2.5 / Piece  
  • 200 Piece/Pieces
  • US $ 2 - 2.5 / Piece
  • tray
  • Shanghai
  • 70C
  • Tag:Gold Capacitor Super 10f,High Quality Gold Capacitor,Super Capacitor,Power Super Capacitor
Post Date : November 08
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US $ 2 - 2.5 / Piece
Shanghai China (Mainland)
T/T,Western Union
200 Piece/Pieces
Through Hole
1000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Super Capacitor


1)super capacitor,farad capacitor,gold capacitor
3)Big Capacitance
4)long life, low ESR

High power Super Capacitor

super capacitor, capacitor battery, energy capacitor


1)Large capacitance

2)Small size

3)Long life time

4)Low ESR

2, Specifications:


2)capacitance: 1F,2F,3.3F,8F,10F,20F,30F,50F,100F,400F,1000F

3)temperature: -40C~+70C


3, How to order: SP-2R7-106UL 500pcs

4, Applications:

1)Rail power system

2)Wireless transmission

3)Auxiliary start system

4)Back-up power supplier

gold capacitor super capacitor 10F

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Tantalum Hybrid Capacitor 47000uF

Tantalum Hybrid Capacitor 47000uF

Tantalum Hybrid Capacitor 47000uF

THC2W Tantalum Hybrid Capacitor
1) all tantalum case, hermetic capacitor
2) small size, large capacitance
3) 1100uF~150000uF

High Energy Tantalum Hybrid Capacitor MIL

1, Feature:

1) all tantalum case, hermetic sealed.

2) small size, large capacitance, big power.

3) laser welding

4)Military estabilshed reliability.

2, Technical Parameter:

1) operating temperature: -55C~+125C

2)Storage temperature: -62C~+130C

3)Tolerance: K=±10%, M=±20%

4) capacitance range: 1100uF~150000uF

5) Voltage range: 10V~125V

6) size: DxH: 36x12mm 36x16mm

3, How to order: THC2-50V24000uF-M 100pcs

4, Relation part: THC1,THC1W, THC2W,THC3W, THCL

5, Cross part: HE3, THQ1,THQ3, THQ4,THQ5, THQ1SM, THQ3SM

6, Application: Tank,satellite,spaceship,plane, ships, aerospace and avaiation,communication device etc. Used as battery in energy conversion circuit and power pulse circuit,Perform energy storage, power-off delay in circuit.

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ultra capacior module 16V 20V

ultra capacior module 16V 20V

ultra capacior module 16V 20V

1) Big capacitance, high power
2) Low ESR
3) long life,
4) With equalizer circuit
5) ultra capacitor module

Super capacitor module / Ultracapacitor module


1)Big capacitance, high power

2)Low ESR

3)long life,

4) With equalizer circuit

5) can cross Maxwell modules

6) special requirement, special design.

2,technical parameter:

1) capacitance: 10F,15F,20F,100F,200F,300F

2) rated voltage: 5.5V, 6V, 10V, 12V, 16V,25V, 40V, 63V

3)Operating temperature: -40~70C

4) cycle life: 100000~500000times (charge~discharge)

How to order: please contact us by E-mail with your request information.


1) Telecommunication

2) UPS

3) Electrical power system

4) Automotive start assist

5) Industrial

6) Transportation

ultra capacior module 16V 20V

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