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Lithium ion rechargea...
No vibration
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Applications : anesthetics, obesity, hair(scalp), dermatology(skin care). Meso-Pri with Li-ion rechargeable battery. no noise

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Accent PPC cream

Accent PPC cream

Accent PPC cream

It helps to get rid of cellulite by keeping the warm
energy within the affected area of the body.

Just apply its bean extract of fat-dissolving materials to the affected area; It helps to get rid of cellulite by keeping the warm

energy within the affected area of the body. It can implement

both improving wrinkles and improving wrinkles in the body at

the same time. Its effect has been acknowledged with the certification on wrinkle-care functionality from KFDA(Korea Food and Drug Administration).

What is PPC?

PPC has been globally used in recent 10 years or so by the name of Lipo-dissolve. In Korea, it has been popular since 2008 as being used in medical field such as dermatology, plastic surgery, obesity clinic, and so on.

Origin of PPC

PPC was first developed in 1959 in Russia in order to be used as medication to cure fat embolism, of which syndrome is that lumps of fat block the blood vessels. It is being used mainly as the remedy for cholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver and liver function decline from drug & alcohol abuse since 1970s.

Using PPC to treat topical fat

It was in Italy that PPC was first used for the purpose of aesthetics. Mr. Sergio Maggion, Italian doctor, presented his relating study at the 5th international mesotherapy society in 1988. At around late 1990s, a series of case studies on its topical fat removing effects were published. Since then, PPC is being widely used as a remedy for the treatment of topical fat in USA, South America and Europe with aesthetic purpose.

Effect of PPC

PPC consists of PC(phosphatidyl choline) and DC(deoxycholate). So it is called as PC/DC shot. PC is constituent of body cell membrane and extracted from beans, and DC is constituent of bile. This combined substance safely dissolves fat cells through interaction, and consequently results in disappearance of fat cells or makes the size of fat cells smaller. In addition, it helps collagen to form along with the effect of skin-lifting.

Accent Cream was developed especially for the treatment of obesity.

Put on suitable amount of Accent Cream on required part of the body and wrap up the body part with vinyl. Then about 5 minutes later, you can feel some heat generated on the part, of which process is good for the obesity care because it helps your blood vessels and lymphatic vessels circulate better than before.

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EGF Anti-Scar Cream

EGF Anti-Scar Cream

EGF Anti-Scar Cream

EGF + Snail's highly concentrated ingredient.
Keep your skin healthy!

EGF Anti-Scar cream is the most suitable cream which has ingredient that can enhance h the human's old cell to the infants' cell.

Its amazing efficacy is for the following symptoms:

For acne marks

For fresh scar

For chapped skin

For ripple wrinkles

For even fresh small burn.

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