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CO2 cleaning pipes

  • 1000 Piece/Pieces
  • lhsy
  • Jiangsu China (Mainland)
  • Tag:Co2 Cleaning Pipes,High Quality Co2 Cheaning Pipes,Co2 Drain Blaster Gun,Cleaning Tools
Post Date : November 19
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Jiangsu China (Mainland)
1000 Piece/Pieces
10,000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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CO2 Flush is used for Piping Dredging And Cleaning Tools.

CO2 cleaning pipesIMPORTANTof CO2 Flush: Make sure all ice blockage is melted in drain

1. For the most flexibility in accessing a drain opening do not use the plastic sleeve.Simply use flexible tubing to guide grommet to the drain opening and insert grommet into drain opening.Depress trigger on the gun.

2. For extra rigidity in accessing a drain opening ,use the plastic sleeve.Push sleeve into grommet and direct grommet to the drain opening.Sleeve can also be used to exert more pressure onto grommet.

3. For drain openings larger than .700" use extra grommet supplied.Place large grommet over the permanent grommet.


1. Insert CO2 Cartridges in cup

2.Screw cup tightly onto head,This will puncture the cartridge.Make sure not to depress trigger.

3. Release red safety catch and depress trigger.


Contents under pressure

Do not puncture or incinerate


Do not unscrew CO2 Cartridge until completely empty or injury may occur.Completely discharge cartridge before opening.Keep cartridge out of direct sunlight and temperatures above 120 degrees.Do not discharge towards face or body.

CO2 cleaning pipes

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Tire Repair Kit

Tire Repair Kit

easy to carry,portable,use for emergency tubeless tire repair and inflating

Tire Repair Kit Tire Repair Kit Tire Repair KitIncluding:

2pcs Small Heavy-duty T-handle repair tools

1pc Tire repair needle replacement tool

3pcs 60gram co2 cartridge

10pcs Repair plugs under cartridge

1pc 60gram co2 cartridge release valve

Use for emergency tubleless tire repair and inflating. Tire Repair Kit Tire Repair Kit


1.remove the object that caused puncture

2.I t repairs holes up to 6mm

3.Insert the tool A in the hole and slide up and down to clear the hole

4.Insert repair string into eye of the needle tool

5.Insert into hole tool B with repair string centered.Push it in the hole approximately two-thirds of the way

6.Pull toll straight out with rapid motion.

7Cut off exceeding part of the repair string

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Tire Repair Kit

Tire Repair Kit

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Tire Repair Kit Tire Repair Kit Tire Repair KitDetails pls take the pictures for reference.


2pcs Small Heavy-duty T-handle Tire repair tools

5pcs 16g co2 cartridge

10pcs repair plugs under cartridge

2pcs repair needle replacement tools

1pc 16g cartridge release valve

Use for motorcycle or passenger tubless tire repair.

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