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Sharks Chondroitin sulfate (Assay: 90%, 95%)

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  • 1000 Kilogram/Kilograms
  • Fujian China (Mainland)
  • 90%, 95%, etc.
  • Xiamen Port, China
  • Auxiliaries and Other Medicinal Chemicals
  • Tag:Shark Chondroitin sulfate, Chondroitin sulfate
Post Date : November 22
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Fujian China (Mainland)
90%, 95%, etc.
Xiamen Port, China
Auxiliaries and Other Medicinal Chemicals
Immune & Anti-Fatigue
Run Bao
200 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year


1. Application: Medicine (oral grade, injection grade),
2. Assay: 90%, 95%, etc
3. White to white-Off Powder

Name: Shark Chondroitin Sulfate

Application: Medicine (oral grade, injection grade), Health food(Assay: 90%, 95%and all physical and chemical indicators as per customers’ request)

Specific functions as following:

  1. Chondroitin sulfate is used to treat Neuralgia, nervous hemicrania, arthritis,shoulder joint pain, celiac pain after operation, wound anti blood Coaqulation etc.
  2. Prevent and treat hearing obstacle caused by streptomycin, have prominent effect for hearing handicap and tinnitus caused by all kinds of noise.
  3. It is used for auxiliary treatment of chronic nephritis,chronic hepatitis,keratitis and helcoma.
  4. Chondroitin sulfate is long-term used to prevent and treat coronary disease, angina, miocardial infarction, coronary atherosclerosis,myocardial ischemia, it has no obvious side effect, can evidently reduce morbidity and mortality of coronary disease. It’s found out by long-term clinic usage that the fat on arterial wall and venous wall could be eliminated or reduced effectively, can evidently reduce plasma cholesterol so as to prevent forming atherosclerosis.
  5. Shark chondroitin is used in health food, it could active human tissue and cell so as to improve immunity and decelerate aging.
  6. Research claims that the chondroitin in shark cartilage has effect of anticancer and antitumour. Additional, shark chondroitin also be used in cosmetic.

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Shark Collagen (90% up)

Shark Collagen (90% up)

Shark Collagen (90% up)

1.100% extracted from shark head bones
2.Assay:90% up
3.Form: Dried
4.Application:Medicine(oral/injection grade

Collagen is a kind of protein which is high content and most widely presented in human body, spread in so many parts such as all skin, bone, ligament, entrails, etc. It contains 30 percent protein in human body, equal to 6 percent human body weight. Especially the skin is consisted of about 70 percent collagen.

Specific function as following:

  1. Collagen is widely used in cosmetic, has effect in anti wrinkle, whitening, repair, moisturizing, purify, improving the elasticity of the skin.
  2. Collagen is used in medicine to make all kinds of medical material, such as artificial skin, trachea, coarse-fibred absorbable surgical suture, artificial blood vessel, injection solution for filling parenchyma and skin defect cavity.
  3. Collagen is widely used in medicine for treatment of arthritis, sinew and bone pain,stop bleeding,plastic surgery,sustained release drugs.
  4. Collagen is used in health food for activating cells,improving immune function, anti-aging, preventing skin aging, improving immunity , inhibiting cancer cell.

Shark Collagen is a excellent health additives for any food!

Shark Collagen:



No unpleasant odour







PH@ 35


Molecular Weight






Water insoluble matter






Heavy metal( Pb)



Aerobic bacterial count




Among 25g



Among 25g


Staphylococcus aureus

Among 10g


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Supply Glucosamine Chondroitin(Shark, high quality)

Supply Glucosamine Chondroitin(Shark, high quality)

Supply Glucosamine Chondroitin(Shark, high quality)

1.100% of natural shark cartilage
3.White to White-off Powder


Glucosamine Chondroitin

  • appliance: Functional drinking|Health Foods
  • Effect: lubricating joint.|anti fatigue|anti-oxidation
  • Major components: Chondroitin Sulphate

    Application fields:

    1. To be used as health food or health drug for treating coronary disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and prevent from arteriosclerosis etc.

    2. To be used as a treatment for neuralgia, migraine, tinnitus caused by streptomycin and noise etc.

    3. To be used in eye-drop, cosmetic and trauma concrescence medicine.

    4. It has been reported that Shark Cartilage extract has the function of anti-tumor


    100% of natural shark cartilage ensure safety of raw material.

    Advanced technique of extract and strict manufacture procedure with all kinds of specification.

  • specification:


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