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horizontal reactor coil winding machine

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Post Date : November 25
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1 Set/Sets
100 Set/Sets per Year


horizontal reactor coil winding machine
1) suitable for both round wire & flat wire
2) PLC control
3) servo wire guiding

horizontal reactor coil winding machine

Suitable for both round wire and flat wire

PLC control, automatic

Servo wire guiding, good winding result


LRA series NC winding machine is suitable for winding coils for reactors, welding machines and motor rotors, etc. It is suitable for winding round wire, flat wire (both horizontal and vertical).

horizontal reactor coil winding machine round wire winding

horizontal reactor coil winding machine flat wire horizontal winding

horizontal reactor coil winding machine flat wire vertical winding

This machine adopts numerical control technology, touch screen operation, parameter pre-setting. The touch screen can display winding status (such as present turns, tapping indicating, winding sections, finishing quantity), working conditions (such as work, pause, stop, winding speed) and error indicating, etc.


1) Coil winding: one time can wind 3 units round wire, 1 unit horizontal flat wire, 1 unit vertical flat wire

2) Wire size: round wire 1~5mm; flat wire min. 2x2.7mm, max. 3x16mm, section area less than 50mm2

3) Core column: length less than 600mm; section area min. 25x30mm, max. 60x150mm.

4) Winding precision: counting precision 0.01 turns; wiring precision 0.1mm.

5) Working torque: max. 350N·M

6) Spindle rotating speed: 0~150RPM, continuous adjustable

7) Max. turning radius (with pneumatic loading device): 200mm; without pneumatic loading device 260mm

8) Max. wiring stroke: 800mm

9) Center distance between head and tail stock: max. 800mm

10) PLC can store 30 units winding programs; processing details can be preset such as tapping, insulation layers, etc.

11) Main driving motor power: 3kW

12) Pneumatic source: 0.4~0.7MPa

13) Dimension: about 1860 x 1400 x 1700 (L x W x H)

14) Weight: about 950kg

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transformer test bench

transformer test bench

transformer test bench

transformer test bench is an integrated test table for transformer test,no-load current,no-load loss, transformation ratio,etc.

This test bench is an integrated device for testing parameters of power transformer, such as no-load current, no-load loss, resistance voltage, load loss, DC resistance, and transformation ratio, etc. It provides reliable data for manufacturing and supervising transformers.

I Main features

1) Integrated instrument for different kind of tests, such no-load test, transformation ratio test, DC resistance test, insulation resistance test, impedance test, THG induced over-voltage withstand test and AC voltage withstand test, etc.

2) Parameters are set and displayed numerically in menu

3) There are date, day, time, temperature, humidity displaying on the bench, convenient for file.

4) All test data can be displayed and printed out

II Configuration and technical illustration

2.1 No-load/load performance test instrument: ZBR-IV, suitable for both single phase and 3-phase measuring:

1) Voltage range: 10mV~650V; current range: 10mA~5A; precision 0.2 grade.

2) Power U*I: precision 0.2 grade

3) Power factor: 0.010-1.000, precision 0.3 grade

4) Frequency: 40~300Hz, precision 0.1 grade

5) Three phase total power: P

6) No-load current: I0 (%)

7) No-load loss: P0

8) Load-loss: PK

9) Resistance voltage: UK

10)3 phase power factor:

11) Power value of three phase: Pa(Pab),Pb,Pc(Pbc)

12) Average line voltage of three phase: Un

13) Average current of three phase: In

2.2 ZYD-20KVA/50KV oil-immersed AC test transformer

1) Rated capacity: 20kVA

2) Rated HV output: 0.2kV~50kV

3) Rated input voltage: 10V~400V

2.3 ZZR-5A DC resistance instrument

1) Parameters:


Test current

Resolution ratio





0.2%±3 letter (25±2°C)




0.2%±3 letter (25±2°C)




0.2%±5 letter (25±2°C)




0.2%±5 letter (25±2°C)




0.2%±5 letter (25±2°C)




0.2%±5 letter (25±2°C)

2) Ambient conditions: temperature 0~40°C; relative humidity: ≤80%

3) Safety performance: Dielectric resistance: ≥2MΩ; leakage current: ≤5mA

2.4 ZB-II transformation ratio meter

1) Transformation ratio measuring range: 1—10000

2) Groups: 1—12 points

3) Precision: 1-1000, 0.2 grade; 1000-10000, 0.5 grade

4) Ambient temperature: -5°C -- 40°C

5) Ambient humidity: <85%

2.5 TSJA-160kVA/30V-600V induction motorized regulator

1) Rated capacity: 100kVA

2) Rated HV output: 30V-600V

3) Rated input voltage: 380V

2.6 Omega meter 3121: 2500V

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potential transformer coil winding machine

potential transformer coil winding machine

potential transformer coil winding machine

potential transformer coil winding machine
1. PLC control
2. Step motor driving wire ordering device
3. Electronic counter

potential transformer coil winding machine,for small coils used in instrument transformers, power transformers, relay, resistance potentiometer, transducer, magnetic valve, etc.

It is PLC control, touch screen operation, equipped with automatic wire ordering device which is driven by step motor, and equipped with electronic counter.

Wire ordering pitch can be pre-set in the PLC.

Step motor is imported from Germany. PLC and touch screen are imported from Taiwan.

II Main parameters






Wire diameter







Ordering pitch


Coil outer diameter


Coil width


Main spindle speed





Suitable coil shape

Round, rectangular, or polygon

Winding method

Simple pre-set or programming

Spindle motor power


Suitable transformer voltage

35kV (potential transformer)





Operating method

Automatic and manual (by foot switch)

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