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Model GFSJ-Series High-Efficient Mill

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Post Date : November 28
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The machine has a simple structure and is easy to be installed and dismantled and cleaned .

This machine is developed with the method of mixed power jetting

Fineness of finished products12-12012-12012-12012-120
Speed change(rmp)2350-43601000-2400-44001000-2400-44001000-2400-4400
Overall size (L*W*H)(mm)1050*600*16001100*860*15201000*1300*16001280*950*1600
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Model ZS Series Vibrating Screener

Model ZS Series Vibrating Screener

Model ZS Series Vibrating Screener

The machie is consisted of the hopper ,vibration chamter ,clutch ,motor ect.

The machie is consisted of the hopper ,vibration chamter ,clutch ,motor ect.
The vibration chamber is equipped by eccentric wheel ,rubber soft pieces ,manshift ,bearings ect.when the adjustable eccentric weight passed its gravity to central line of main shift by the driving of motor to break the balance ,then under the centrifugal force ,the orbit spire of target material is forced to change its way in the chamber ,the size of swing of the weight regulator can be adjusted according to different kind of target material or the number of mesh ,the whole machine has the specialties of compact structure ,small volume ,non-dust flying ,low noise ,and high output ,low energry consumption,easy to be moved and maintained.

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Non-gravity double shafts blade mixer features fierce,high efficiency ,short mix time .

General introduction

Non-gravity double shafts blade mixer features,high efficiency,short mix time(1 to 3min) and more than 95% of eveness for 1:1000 proportion.Twoagitating axes reversely rotate at the same speed within horizontal cylinder.The special angle laid on the axial ,forming a compound circle to achieve uniform mixing in short time.

Product Description

A、Mixing Effect

Despite the materials are different in production and diameter ,it can achieve a good mix effect under the quick and fierce seethe and cast of staggered agitating blades.

B、Crash Device

Crushing device is needed when the material agglomerating."Crushing Stick"with triangle tooth enclosure maintains high rotating speed of over 100rpm,which smashes and depolymerizes the agglomerating materials in the material weightlessness area.

C、Discharging Mode

The materials are usually discharged by pneumatic(manual) flap valve.the arcvalve can be embedded tightly into the cylinder and be parallelized with inside cylinder wall with out materila deposit and mixing dead angle.The standard product can be classified into small door and large door that opens to the side of cylinder ,delivering clean and quick material chargeing and little residue.


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