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Snakegourd Seed

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Post Date : November 28
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I'm very glad to meet you. We are the largest hanging the production base of Snake gourd seeds of Jia

I'm very glad to meet you. We are the largest hanging the production base of Snake gourd seeds of Jiangsu Province in China, the quantity can meet your demand and the quality is the best in China.
Family: Cucurbitaceae
Genus: Trichosanthes
Species: Kirilowii
Common names: Snake gourd, Chinese Cucumber, Karo, To-Karasu-Uri, Kua Lou, T'Ien Kua
Part Used: Whole plant, fruit, root

"Snake gourd helps stimulate the production of body fluids thus relieving dryness. It can disperse phlegm, remove pus, expel toxic matter and is anti-inflammatory. Snake gourd can act as a natural antibiotic, expectorant, laxative, and can be used for abscesses boils bronchitis, constipation, jaundice and hemorrhoids. It helps with breast and lung tumors, and can promote lactation. It has been shown to be excellent for diabetes. Perhaps the most interesting news is that the new "AIDS" drug "Compound Q" is a refined protein called trichonanthine which is derived from the trichosanthes (Snake gourd) family. It has been shown that the protein has the ability to kill an "HIV" infected cell without affecting surrounding tissue. "
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