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Wind Turbines (from 1kw to 2mw)

  • 1 Kilowatt/Kilowatts
  • Ankara Turkey
  • Soyut Wind
  • Wind Power Generator
  • 1 Kilowatt/Kilowatts
  • Tag:Wind Turbines from 1kw To 2mw,High Quality Turbine,Soyut Wind
Post Date : November 28
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Ankara Turkey
Soyut Wind
Wind Power Generator
1 Kilowatt/Kilowatts


Wind turbine (1 kw to 2 mw)

Please contact us for detailed information.

Ask for our catalog and standard price list.


Tel:0312 6465069


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Wind turbine -mill

Wind turbine -mill

Wind turbine -mill

From 1 kw to 2mw

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your interest to our company. As Soyut Wind we have been working in the fields of power, production, finance and commerce since 1974 . We are manufacturing the whole structure of wind turbines starting from their generators up to blades. In order to respond the demands of both Turkish and offshore customers, we are manufacturing on turnkey basis. Soyut Wind , at its facility which is located in the Temelli District of Ankara/Turkey with an outdoor space of 15.000 s.q.m. and in –door space of 120.000 s.q.m, has been manufacturing wind turbines between the range of 1 KW to 2 MW.

The goal of Soyut Wind in energy sector is to contribute both to the consumption of wind energy (clean energy) and also diminishing of our country’s dependence on other sources of energy. Our Company is stil working on research and development activities in order to provide the best service to our customers. As a result of our efforts, we have been admitted by the member of establishments of American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE). who are authorized to grant an accreditation on the clean energy .

As Soyut Wind we have been trading both in local and international markets for years.We have performed successfull projects in europe, africa and asia .

For more information you can search our catalog which is linked below. Please contact with us for any of your questions.

Best Regards

Esra Paydak

Soyut Wind

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Mobile house

Mobile house

Mobile house

VIP mobile (prefab)house that you can set where ever you want


VIP mobile (prefab)house :

You can set this product where ever you want. It is furnished with a nice living room,bedroom mini kitchen and a bathroom. We can produce and design the mobile house according to your needs and pleasure.We can produce every kinds of caravans,trailers,mobile houses,kiosks,offices etc.

Please contact with us for our caravans and mobile houses. Ask for our catalog and price list.

Soyut Karavan(you can search our facebook page)

Soykar (website)


Soyut co.

Foreign Trade Expert

Contact: Soyut Factory

Address : Eskisehir yolu Polatli Ankara Turkey

Tel : +90 0312 6465069

Email : esrapaydak(at)

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