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Solomon Taiyo

  • 1000 Carton/Cartons
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  • Solomon Islands
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  • Solomon Taiyo
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Post Date : November 29
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Solomon Islands
Solomon Taiyo
1000 Carton/Cartons


Chillie Tuna in Oil
Chillie Chunk in Oil
Curry Flakes in Oil
Sandwich Tuna in Oil
Skip Jack Tuna in Oil

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Canned Tuna

Canned Tuna

Canned Tuna

Chillie Chunk in oil
Chillie Tuna in oil
Curry Tuna in oil
Sandwich Tuna in water
Skip Jack Tuna in oil

Our tuna is fully accredited by the Earth Islands institute to use dolphine safe logo. Earth Islands insitutute monitores tuna companies around the world to ensure tuna is caught by method that do not harm doplhine and protects and marine ecosystem. Their standards prevents the harm to dolphines and are adhered by more that 90% of world's tuna companies.

About the Supplier.

Soltuna canned is based in Noro in the Western Provunce District of the Solomon Islands where it operate a large cannery and a facility for exporting frozen tuna loins to europe.

The ''catch'' method use is a mix of pole and line & pursue sein, both of which are dolphine friendly and more sustainable compred to the long line and driftnet methods used by many other canneries around the world.

The clean waters of the South West Pacific and the positive effort to conduct fishing in sustainable levels means that the tuna harvested here are of the highest quality.

Tuna Products.

Try our most popular brand Chillie Tuna, Chillie Chunk and Sandwich Tuna. What differenciate tuna products are their taste.I guarantee you that our products are second to none.

Why dont try out products and see for yourself.

Try the best tasting tuna product in the world

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Chllie Tuna, Curry Tuna, Sandwich Tuna

Chllie Tuna, Curry Tuna, Sandwich Tuna

Chllie Tuna, Curry Tuna, Sandwich Tuna

Chillie Tuna in Oil
Curry Tuna in Oil
Chillie Chunk Tuna in Oil
Sandwich Tuna in Water
Skip Jack Tuna in Oil

Most of our Tuna Products are processed in the Solomon Islands with the highest safety quality.

Nutrition Information

Servings per package - 1.0

Serving size - 380g

Energy - 712kj

Protein - 16.1g

Fat total - 11.7g

Carbohydrate total - 0.3g

Sodium - 332mg


Light meat Flakes

Vegetable Oil

Curry power, Chillie Powder

Vegetable Broth

MSG & Salt Added


Dolphine Friendly

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