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Phyllo Pastry Line

  • EUR 35,000 - 65,000 / Box  
  • 1 Box/Boxes Container
  • EUR 35,000 - 65,000 / Box
  • 30 days
  • Istanbul Turkey
  • N/A
  • Tag:High Quality Phyllo Pastry Machine,UN-MAK Flourly Foodies Machines Co
Post Date : November 29
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EUR 35,000 - 65,000 / Box
30 days
Istanbul Turkey
1 Box/Boxes Container
2500 Kilogram/Kilograms per Day



Phyllo Pastry LINE

Dough lines are produced in two varieties. The first of these is called Half phyllo doughoutput Line, thinning, and cutting units, consisting of widening line. This line is produced in raw dough. Desired tactical cook this dough, rotating oven can be cooked in s. rotating cooker manufacture are also available. Secondly, what we call Full Pastry Line, in addition to half or even cooking oven and watering & drying line connecting the tape units in the addition of the occurrence. Olam Yufka produced the desired fineness ( the line is separate from the diamond to phyllo ) and may be desired dimensions.

Machine Dimensions:
Half-Line: ~ 8 m length X 1.5 m wide x 1.7 m height
Full line: ~ 18 m length X 1.5 m wide x 1.7 m height

machine Electricity Consumption: Half-Line: 5, 5 KWA Full Line Gas Oven: 6 KWA Full Line Electric Oven: 7.5 KWA

Machine Production Capacity: Pastry Line: 25 pieces / minute maximum. Approximately 15 pieces / minute. Customs and traditions with the thickness of a piece of filo, is related to the cooking rate.

Oven Features: Oven LPG, natural gas (LNG) or electricity can be made available.

Warranty: 's negligence, the mains power voltage problems and natural disasters, except for a period of 1 year warranty. Resulting from the manufacture or losing the functionality of the factory, the parts are insufficient immediately repaired under warranty / exchange is.

Service & Spare Parts: 12-48 in Turkey, Turkey is outside intervention in 24-96 hours. Covered by warranty at no additional charge for machines. Out of warranty for the remaining machines, spare parts are sent if the customer is likely to repair, shall be certified, qualified foreman with a repair is required, staff are sent, repairs completed and will be charged. Service response times, spare parts in manufacturing process, the distance varies according to distance and plant density.

Certificates: Dough machines are manufactured to CE standards. 2009/142 EEC 90/396 Gas Appliances Gas furnaces norms. UN-MAK has ISO 9001:2000 quality standards .

Materials: Production, food of all components in contact with stainless steel, polyethylene, and teflondur plexyglass. Tapes are suitable for food use. Other parts used in a little iron.

Finished: Burek and baklava, round or square / rectangular dough produced. In addition, it is possible to add a line in the production of non-pastry.

Required Personnel: during the operation of the machine can hold only 2 staff under the control of all production. A member of staff dealing with the machine, dough and flour supplement, made from the exit of personnel, in keeping the product and take care of.

Education: Mechanical, tesesine, our company was established by qualified persons, trained and the operators are executed and delivered to the user.

a plant needs: a simple pastry manufacturing property, roughly, dough mixers, dough machine, packing machine, flour store, package store, cleaning equipment, such as may be necessary for the small compressor.

Prices: Current prices can find out by calling our company

Payment Terms: Our company is your most Be sure that you will provide convenient payment plan.

Lead Time: Half-Line for 10 - 15 business days Full Line for 15 - 30 business days , this time, however, may extend or shorten under the circumstances. That is to say, the production of any other order in question is a priority, If a machine is already available in stock or stock or natamam, time varies. This time, under the circumstances, the proposal is presented to the customer in the process.

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