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  • USD 79 - 79.05 / Barrel  
  • 2000000 . Barrel/Barrels nil.
  • Bonny terminal
  • US $ 79 - 79.05 / Barrel
  • 2000000. Barrel/Barrels nil.
  • 4,000,000 Barrel/Barrels per Month Nil
  • Tag:Bonny Light Crude Oil,High Quality Light Crude,soulmate marine enterprises
Post Date : November 30
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Bonny terminal
US $ 79 - 79.05 / Barrel
2000000. Barrel/Barrels nil.
4,000,000 Barrel/Barrels per Month Nil
L/C,Western Union


The specification of the product as per inspection for NNPC Standard Export Grade for the Crude Oil. Specific Gravity: 0.8459.

Bonny light crude oil is a Nigerian light crude oil extracted at Bonny river in rivers state nigeria.

It is a liquid form mineral, with a deep brown colour. Because of its low sulfulic/acidic content poeple are looking for it all over the world. Very easy to refine unlike other nonlight crude oil.

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