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Brick Field

  • 1 Unit/Units
  • 1 Unit/Units
  • 5 Unit/Units per Year
  • L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
  • Tag:High Quality Auto Bricks,GHE Bangladesh
  • Supplier - GHE Bangladesh
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  • 51 - 100 People
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  • 88-01925-808189
Post Date : December 01
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1 Unit/Units
5 Unit/Units per Year
L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram


Auto Brick Tunnel System

Green Energy Auto Brick Field PROJECT PROFILE With (PROJECT FEASIBILITY REPORT) on AUTOMATIC BRICK MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY we undertook a feasibility study for automatic brick-making factory to manufacture high quality, technically sound and marketable solid bricks. The study is based on actual experience in China with necessary modifications for adaptation in Bangladesh. It presents the salient details of the Tunnel kiln. The project design combines a highly efficient kiln technology, with a unique technique of forming green bricks: Coal powder is mixed with clay for internal combustion. This approach results in lower energy usage, higher quality bricks and reduced pollution. Bricks of any size, shape and pigmentation can be produced at the plant with minor modifications. All bricks will be of uniform quality and will meet international standards for strength, quality and appearance. Comparison of Various Types of Brick Kilns in Bangladesh with Tunnel Kilns: The feasibility study report is usable with banks or for your own evaluation. The important parts of the feasibility report is given below:- Executive Summary SECTION I: The PROMOTERS, MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION 1.1 Legal status of the company 1.2. Equity Mobilization 1.3. Debt Utilization 1.4 Backgrounds and Experience of Sponsoring Directors 1.5. Management and Organization 1.6. Administrative and Operative Personnel SECTION II: TECHNICAL ASPECTS 2.1 Brick Manufacturing Industry in Bangladesh SECTION III 3. PRODUCT, PRODUCTION CAPACITY AND COSTS 3.1 Product 3.2. Production Capacity 3.3 Capital Cost 3.4 Quality Control 3.5 Counter Measure for Environment Pollution 3.6 Utilities 3.7 Technical know-how 3.8 Man Power Requirement 3.9 Installation, Commissioning and Trial Run 3.10 Raw Materials 3.11 Kind of Fuel 3.12 Source of Energy 3.13 Water 3.14 Coal Based Plant 3.15 Safety Arrangements 3.16 Land and Location 3.17 Building and Civil Works 3.18 Implementation Schedule 3.19 Operation life of the project SECTION IV: MARKET ASPECTS 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Current Structure of the Brick Industry in Bangladesh 4.3 Availability of Bricks in Bangladesh 4.4 Demand and Supply Gap of Bricks SECTION V: FINANCIAL EVALUATION 5.1 Cost of the Project 5.2 MEANS OF FINANCE 5.3 ASSUMPTIONS CONSIDERED IN THE SALES REVENUE, COST OF PRODUCTION & PROFITABILITY 5.4 CAPITAL STRUCTURE 5.5 Co lateral Ratio 5.6 Profit & Loss Statement 5.7 Debt Service Coverage Ratio 5.8 PAY BACK PERIOD OF PROJECT 5.9 REPAYMENT Period OF DEBT 5.10 SALES REVENUE 5.11 COST OF GOODS SOLD (INCLUDING DEPRECIATION FOR OPERATION PURPOSES OF THE PROJECT) 5.12 GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE AND SELLING EXPENSES (INCLUDING HONORARIUM OF THE DIRECTORS OF THE BOARD & DEPRECIATION AND WRITE OFF FOR ADMINISTRATION PURPOSES OF THE PROJECT) 5.13 ESTIMATE OF WORKING CAPITAL 5.14 Break Even Analysis (excluding depreciation and write off) 5.15 Break Even Analysis (Including depreciation and write off) 5.16 INTERNAL RATE OF RETURN (FINANCIAL) 5.17 NET PRESENT VALUE 5.18 Salvage Value and Inventories 5.19 FUND FLOW STATEMENT 5.20 PROJECTED BALANCE SHEET 5.21 FINANCIAL EXPENSES If you are interested in setting up an automatic plant contact us with your details at Ready complete project feasibility reports based on Bangladesh for 100,000/day capacity bricks. For more Information please call: Mobile: 01925808189

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Auto Brick making machine

Auto Brick making machine

Auto Brick making machine


  1. INTRODUCTION: Bangladesh is a developing country as the GDP output contributes of the national income. The economic development of the country mainly depends upon the individual income. With the advent of green revolution and the introduction of improved high yielding variety, development in services, business, wages earner etc. Presently, Bangladesh is a middle income county having building construction and roads construction is a regular demand of the nation, that’s required a huge quantity of bricks is enough and sufficient to establish this project in Bangladesh.
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Green Energy Brick Field Machinery

Green Energy Brick Field Machinery

Green Energy Brick Field Machinery

Capacity: 100000 Bricks / day
* We provide machinery and technology
* We arrange for Bank Loan

Experience, resources and Delivery Capacity required:

Interested firms must have:

Land: 10 Bigha (min) =330 Decimal

a) Experience in developing similar kinds of portals directly or through the local or foreign associates;

b) Experience in of business at least 10 years;

c) Knowledge regarding Science, Technology and Engineering or equivalent subject.

d) Experience of delivering a work with partner in good s behavior;

e) A citizen in Bangladesh.

f) Must have a TIN and Voter ID.,

  • All papers necessary to prove that in fulfils the above criteria.

* NOC fro local Chairman regarding setting such kind of project in his area.

Association with foreign firms: Must Encouraged

Name of Official Inviting EOI: A.M.Amrul Huq

Designation of Official Inviting EOI: Local Representative

Address Official Inviting EOI: [House No.87, Uttar Dhanmondi, (Ground floor)], Dhaka-1205

Contract details of Official Inviting EOI: Phone: 01925808189

The procuring Entity reserves the right to accept or reject all EOIs at any stage without assigning any reason.

A.M. Amrul Huq

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