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Motorbike driving simulator

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EF-BIKE Driving Simulator
High end motorbike driving simulator

EF-BIKE Driving Cab

Real motorbike chassis with genuine parts and dashboard from manufacturer.

2 axes motion platform : pitch, roll +/- 10°,40°/s.

Force feedback instrumented handle bars and torque sensor.

Manual shift five gears.

Separated front and back breaks.

ABS simulation

EF-BIKE Driving Software

Comprehensive training syllabus.

Based on the European A license program.

Multi lingual curriculum.

3D visuals: a new 3D database including a large city with ring road, junctions, country road, specific man oeuvre area, mountain.

Sound: Stereo sound for environment, vocal messages giving indication to trainee.

EF-BIKE Driving Options

Network capability with other driving simulators and Instructor station.

Specific software for Public Forces.

EF-BIKE Driving other compatible modules


System for the selection and evaluation of drivers

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Main objectives of EF-SCOOT simulator:

- Facilitate the role of the speakers of road safety by bringing them an educational tool, a methodology and a culture necessary to elaborate their educational project.

- Reinforce the acquisition of knowledge, know-how and better behaviours towards the traffic dangers.

- Make teengers aware of road risks specific to mopeds and motorcycles and make them conscious of risks linked to drunk driving.

Prevention software delivered by ECA FAROS:

- Driving environment: Modelling and sound restitution of the surrounding activity, evaluated driving allowing to use different environmental parameters.

- Vehicle's dynamic behaviour: Dynamic result for a realistic feeling of driving, simulation of a behavior under the influence of alcohol.

- A rich and structured pedagogic content: Control of the motorcycle, elementary driving situations, road risk prevention and awareness, evaluated driving.

- Eco driving: At the end of the evaluated driving session, values of consumption and of CO2 emissions are presented, allowing to approach other educational topics with an opening on sustainable development.

- Report: At the end of the driving session, the application gives all details of the mistakes made by the student in number and also in term of length, reports of student's driving can be sent by email.

An innovative and suitable simulator:

Driving equipment: a strong material using genuine French manufacturer parts, a realistic force feedback, an appropriate ergonomics.

Mobility: The simulator is composed of two parts, front and rear, which get together mechanically in a few seconds, the simulator is designed to fit in the boot of a city car, only one USB cable links the simulator to the laptop, the total weight of the assembled simulator is 25kg.

Multimedia supports library: A teaching tool rich in video contents, statistics, theoretical documents, web links....,

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