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inflatable Involute wind turbine project

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Post Date : December 03
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A vertical axis wind turbine has several advantages over the more traditional horizontal wind turbine especially in uneven wind

, Gravitational stresses on the vertical axis turbine are even, allowing lighter and larger construction. This vertical-axis wind turbine incorporates 3 involute spiral sails in a configuration that utilizes the mass momentum of the wind to spin the sails around a central mast. Force is applied to the sails by the wind both entering and leaving the turbine, allowing maximum extraction of energy from the wind.

Wind power has the potential to supply much of the energy demands of the world, and is the most rapidly expanding sector of current alternative energy technology. Most existing wind turbines are of the familiar horizontal axis configuration, with spinning propellers directed into the wind by a tail or, for larger systems,electronically controlled motors. These lift propulsion blades are typically of airfoil shape, like airplane wings or propellers, which rely on the low-pressure lift from the momentum of the wind passing over the airfoil shape. The vertical axis Darrius rotor is alsoa lift device, with its airfoil-shaped eggbeater blades. The vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) pictured above is a drag propulsion device along with strong lift components that allow the rim speed to be faster than the wind speed, which continually diverts the mass of the wind to perform work on the sail. Results from only two tests indicate that we can increase the low-speed power significantly over the horizontal axis rotating blade wind turbine, largely because we are utilizing drag propulsion of much greater surface area vanes instead of just lift propulsion from a thin airfoil-shaped blade.

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