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Cable Sheath Fault Pinpointer

  • USD 6,500 - 8,000 / Set  
  • 1 Set/Sets
  • Xi'an,China
  • US $ 6,500 - 8,000 / Set
  • 1 Set/Sets
  • 30 Set/Sets per Month
  • Tag:High Quality Cable Pinpointer,Cable Fault Locator,APT Power Technology Co,Ltd
Post Date : December 05
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US $ 6,500 - 8,000 / Set
1 Set/Sets
30 Set/Sets per Month


Can detect single or multi-conductor sheath fault
Adopt popular step voltage
High accuracy
Easy operate and result judgement


Accurately locating cable sheath fault by step voltage method

Test object for cable sheath fault detector

-HV Single conductor cable with steel layer or shielding layer,

-HV multi conductor cable.

Composed of:

Pin pointer is composed of sender, routing receiver and insulation receiver(A frame)

Fault Type Detected

cable sheath damaged or its steel layer or shielding layer grounding due to fault

Main Specifications

-Detection range< 15Km

-Detection Depth 3m

-Route error< 5cm

-Location error< 5cm

-Response distance to fault point 30m

-Fault Resistance Range6MΩ

-Instrument Size:270mm×210mm×150mm

-Weight:10 Kg, including A Frame

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Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

31/2 LCD digital display, 5 ranges;
Four terminals test method
Comply with IEC61010-1aa1990
Powered by AC or battery


The instrument is one of Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter, can be used for following applications

-Test winding resistance of motor and transformer

-Test conductor resistance of cable

-Test contact resistance of switches and socket

-Also can be used for constant current source,1A,100mA and 10mA,accuracy±3%

Product Features:

-31/2 LCD digital display, 5 ranges

-Adopting “four terminals” test method, eliminate errors which result from contact resistance and lead resistance.

-High repeatable

-OVP Protection

-Comply with IEC61010-1:1990

-Powered by AC or battery( DC 12V,2.0AH)

Technical Specifications:

-Test current ,test range, accuracy and resolution

Test current

Test range


Max. Error





Within the range of 0.01~200Ω











- Input,AC 220V±22V,50Hz±2 Hz or By Lead-acidbattery,12V 2.0Ah

-Max. power consumption:3W

-Withstand Test:AC 1.5kV 50Hz 1min

-Working temperature: 0 ° C to 40 ° C, Relative humidity: ≤ 85%, no dew

-Size :280mm×280mm×75mm,Weight: 2.8 Kg

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Vacuum Bottle Tester

Vacuum Bottle Tester

Vacuum Bottle Tester

Sampling ionized charge
Samples for 2 times so as to deduct the leakage current influence
AC Withstand test
Automatic test


MVC vacuum bottle tester is designed to measure roughly the vacuum degree of vacuum arc extinguish chamber, specially suit for application at sub-station.

Product Features:

-Sampling ionized charge, test vacuum degree with real value tested. That’s mean, one bottle qualified or not, judged by instrument

-Samples for 2 times so as to deduct the leakage current generated due to environmental factors.

-The testing process is automated.

-judge a vacuum arc extinguish chamber leakage or not

-Input protective circuit

-Small-size, light-weight and easy to operate.


-Range: 1×10-5 ~6×10-1Pa,

-Accuracy: within 1×10-4~1×10-1 Pa, the error less than 10%

- Resolution : 10-5Pa

- Output voltage: maximum30KV

-Environmental temperature: 0°C~55°C.

-Relative humidity :85%RH

-Input:AC220±l0%, 50Hz

-Demensions:360×310×300mm (Instrument)

-Net Weight :6Kg (Instrument)

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