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100% Natural Papaya powder

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  • US $ 38.1 - 39.68 / Kilogram
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Tianjin Port
US $ 38.1 - 39.68 / Kilogram
1 Kilogram/Kilograms Negotiable
5000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month In stock
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Papaya powder
1.100% natural
2.Perfect solubility
3.good food grade
4.The best breast enhancement effect


Extract Ratio 4:1 to 200:1

Papain,100-2400TU/mg ,3000TU/mg


Main Function
(1). It can prevent liver cells swelling and promote liver cells repairing;
(2). killing various kinds of cancer cell, and do not affect normal cell;
(3). whitening
(4). Improving breasts growth.
(5). loss weight.

Papaya powder:

Papaya powder is made by papain purely natural health food, papaya fruit contain "papain" to the human body has promote digest and anti-aging effect. Papaya powder contains abundant papain, lemon enzyme, carotene, protein, vitamin C, B and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, has control high blood pressure, nephritis, constipation and helps digestion, for gastropathy, beauty, skin care, raise colour, such as effectiveness, the human body is to promote the new into metabolism and anti-ageing effects.

Papaya powder introduce and application:

1. Papaya powder nutritional analysis: every gram papaya powder contain: heat 328 calories, 21.6 grams of protein, fat 9.3 grams, cellulose 6.4 g and 240.5 mg calcium, iron 2.2 mg, zinc 1.4 mg, vitamin C 263.6 mg.

2. Papaya powder hairdressing application: papaya powder in contains rich papaya enzyme, papain, curd protease, carotene, etc.; Rich in 17 kinds of amino acid and above and a variety of nutrition elements; Is a rich nutrition, there is a beauty, reduce weight, breast enhancement effect "tonic treasures".

3. Beauty principle: papaya powder contains abundant papaya enzyme, not only on the chest development are of great help, and can help lubricate skin, green papaya of vitamin C content is high apple's 48 times! Plus papaya enzyme with digestion ability, can discharge as soon as possible the toxin in the body, by inside and outside to achieve the purpose of relaxed skin. Papaya powder contain of papaya enzyme can promote skin metabolism, help to dissolve pore accumulated in the sebum and aged cutin, let skin appears more smooth and more careful! A lot of purifying cleansing gel containing papaya enzyme all the ingredients, and the reason is because papaya enzyme can make skin appear smooth, meticulous, pure health appearance.

4. Breast enhancement principle: papaya powder contains abundant papaya enzyme to mammary gland development is very helpful, and papaya enzyme in contains abundant breast enhancement hormone, and vitamin A and nutritional ingredients, can stimulate the female hormone secretion, and can stimulate ovarian excretive estrogen, make mammary gland flow, so as to achieve the effect of breast enhancement, it may be said is great breast enhancement food.

5. Reduce weight principle: papaya powder of papaya enzyme is mature papaya two times as or so, these papaya enzyme not only can decompose protein, carbohydrate, more decomposable fat (the decomposition of the fat can be said to be the largest ability papaya characteristics), through the breaks down fat can remove dewlap, narrow the mast cells, promote metabolism, to get the extra fat eduction body outside, so as to achieve the goal that reduce weight!

Papaya powder way to eat:

1.papaya powder edible method is very simple, will be a key renovating (about 5 grams) of papaya with boiled water into the glass powder, fully swirl to add a little milk after, can also according to the individual right amount with sugar or honey, if can of words, cracking a eggs in, it will be another a delicious! Only a small share every time can rushed out of a cup of delicious and can be beauty, breast enhancement, the thin body the papaya powder meal. According to their favorite flavor to join different ingredients.
2.papaya powder, milk the right amount.
Will the papaya powder of adequate water and add sugar, then confirmed boil can take in fresh milk.

Certificate of Analysis:

100% Natural Papaya powder

100% Natural Papaya powder

100% Natural Papaya powder

100% Natural Papaya powder

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Natural Capsicum red

Natural Capsicum red

Natural Capsicum red

Capsicum red pigment
1.100% Natural food pigment
2.Perfect solubility
3.Superior quality& Competitive price

Extract Name: Capsicum red pigment

Abbr. Name: Capsicum red pigment

Extract Category:Natural Food Color

Extract Class: Food Additives/Food coloring

Composition Of Capsicum Red Pigment:

Chili show color material basically is capsicum red pigment. Capsicum red pigment is exist in the chili of carotenoid pigments, accounts for 0.2% to 0.5% of the hot pepper skin. Foreign scholars had the kind of carrots to pepper the pigment of researching. Isolated from chili has more than 50 kinds carotene, which has identified more than 30 kinds carotene. Research shows that, the major component of capsicum red pigment is chili red element, chili jade red element. Generally speaking, capsicum red pigment (produce 10000 units) has the following some average index: acid 80% a 85%, mainly by linoleic acid, oleic acid, palm acid, stearic acid, nutmeg acid composition; Vitamin E0.6 % a 1.0%; Vitamin C 0. 2% a 1.1%; Protein (total nitrogen) 140-170 mg/l00g samples; Carotenoids a 15.5% 11.2%, mainly by chili red element, chili jade red element, R a carotene, corpus luteum element, corn flavin, hidden yellow qualitative wait for composition, including red pepper, the pepper jade accounts for 50% of the total amount of red meat a 60%.

Different pepper varieties of ripe fruit of carotene content are very different, different chili fruits mature in the total amount of carotenoids, red carotenoids (chili red element, chili jade red element) content and the content of chlorophyll have very big change. From the early results fruit fully mature, carotenoids amount and red carotenoids, each more volume 66, 124 times, and the chlorophyll content to close to zero when ripe, red and yellow proportion also increased to 1.34 from 0.22. So commonly used mature red chili fruits extracted capsicum red pigment.


Capsicum red pigment (water soluble, oily dissolve) is the peppers as raw material, adopting scientific methods for extraction and separation, and refined natural pigment. Main ingredients for red pepper, the pepper jade red element, is a deep red oil-soluble liquid, bright color, good dyeing force, good resistance to light and heat, acid, alkali, and not be metal ions influence; Insoluble in oil and ethanol, and may also be made by special processing water-soluble or water pigment dispersion. This product is rich in β-carotene and vitamin C, with health care function. Widely used in aquatic products, meat, pastry, salad, canned foods, drinks and other kinds of food and medicine color. May also used for cosmetics production. The products are accord with FAO/WHO international standards.

Main products quality index:

Produce E[460nm] 66.80.100

Extinction Ratio A470/454 >1.000 >0.98>1.000 >0.98

Lead(Pb) mg/kg <0.1 <0.1

Arsenic(As) mg/kg <0.2 <0.2

Mercury(Hg) mg/kg <0.01 <0.01


Not spicy, bright color, performance stability, heat resistance, resistance to light good sex, not affected by the influence of the PH change of oil products dyeing force is powerful. This product after repeated in addition to taste, refined, although have slight peculiar smell, add in product, no taste.


Spices, cream products, meat products, seafood, cookies surface shading, also can be used and feed, cosmetics, etc.

Reference usage:

In the biscuits production process in, need to gush oil, can according to 1/400-1/100 of the pigment proportion with oil, can improve the cookies luster, and with the orange yellow, the colour and lustre of products is more bright-coloured, has been widely used, application and other products can be according to the amount of normal need to add.

Natural Capsicum red

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100% Natural konjac gum

100% Natural konjac gum

100% Natural konjac gum

Konjac Gum
1.Perfect solubility,high viscosity
2.100% Natural food grade
3.Superior quality& Best price
4.Fast delivery

Extract Name: Konjac Glucomannan

Abbr. Name: Konjac Glucomannan
Extract Category:Natural Food Color

Extract Class: Food Additives

Konjac glucomannan mainly by the dew chitosan and glucose to beta 1, 4 key bonding [Moore ratio 1.6: (1 ~ 4)] high molecular weight dew non-ionic chitosan (glucomannan), have a small amount to beta 1, the key of the key structure, and along the Portuguese dew in the chain of chitosan Lord average every 9 ~ 19 glucose units have a acetyl groups, it helps to Portuguese dew of chitosan dissolved. Average molecular weight 200000 ~ 2 million. Characters or cream to light white light brown color powder. Can be scattered in the PH value of 4.0 ~ 7.0 of hot or cold water and form of high viscosity solution. Heating and mechanical agitation can improve the solubility. As in the same amount of alkali solution in add, can form even strong heating also don't melt the thermal stability of the gel. Weak yellow to brown powder. Basic odourless and tasteless. Its water solution has the very strong trailing (drawing) phenomenon, high viscosity. Have certain decomposition of fiber material ability. The main composition is polysaccharide. Use gelling agent; Thickener; Emulsifier; Stabilizer.

Konjac health function

1.Lose weight :

The main components of KGM konjac for, is a kind of edible plant fiber, is not easy to be digested. KGM quantity of heat is extremely low, and has strong, viscosity, were the characteristics of high inflation rate, absorb the gastric juice into the stomach after 20 ~ 100 times can be inflation, produce full abdomen move, fully meets the food of people pleasure but will not add fertilizer, not painstaking diet, can achieve a balanced diet, so as to achieve the ideal the effect that reduce weight.

2. Step-down cancer :

Konjac in gastrointestinal during bowel, can absorb the left in the stomach cholesterol, and promote its excretion. KGM bile to have certain effect, in a sense, can prevent the human body to the absorption of cholesterol, but also effectively interfere with cancer cells metabolism. Konjac gel enter human body the formation of the pore size vary a semi permeable membrane attached to the bowel wall, can hinder the including carcinogenic substance, the descent of the harmful material, thus playing a detoxification, prevent and control such as thyroid carcinoma, gastric cardia cancer, colon cancer, such as the role of the cancer nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

3. calcium:

Experiments show that the calcium in taro food more easily washed out, particularly in acid solution of calcium with higher rate. People in konjak, chew with acid gastric juice of amorphophallus contact, calcium began to melt, and again from absorb intestines and stomach, so as to achieve the effect of calcium.

4. Stomach cleaning :

Konjac after eating the digestion and absorption of slow, plenty of soluble botanical fibers can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, can reduce the harmful material in the stomach and intestine, the retention time of the gallbladder, and effectively protect stomach mucosa and clean the stomach wall.
5. Detoxification aperient:

Its rich plant fiber, help active intestinal function, and speed up the drainage harmful toxins in the body, and prevent and reduce intestinal system disease happen.

Konjac glue, its applications in food processing :
KGM has hydrophilic, thickening sex, stability and emulsification, suspended sex, gelatin and film sex and so on many kinds of characteristics, can produce all kinds of food additive, widely used in the food industry. Used for ice cream stabilizer, make smooth exquisite taste; As cookies, cakes and baking food additive, make product exterior smooth, quality of a material is loose; Can increase the line strength, toughness increase noodles; As the beer foam stabilizer, a cup of tiny bubbles after even, hang cup time long; As a fruit juice and wine clarification agent; As food BaoXianJi, can inhibit microbial propagation of the oxygen or sex, extend the eggs, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables last period. Use the KGM konjac film sex, can produce the capsule. Microcapsule techniques with the product turn out to protect folded buried the particles material, avoid it from other components of adverse reactions happen, at the same time, make its and outside bad environmental factors, who keep the material in the original color, aroma, taste and at the same time, reduce the deterioration loss or extend the quality time, improve the product quality and make some not easy storage or processing materials become stable, and make good solid expanded the liquidity use scope, simplify the production process.

100% Natural konjac gum

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