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  • USD 0 - 1,000 / Set  
  • 1 Piece/Pieces request
  • ningbo or shanghai
  • US $ 0 - 1,000 / Set
  • 1 Piece/Pieces request
  • 3000 Piece/Pieces per Year request
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ningbo or shanghai
US $ 0 - 1,000 / Set
1 Piece/Pieces request
3000 Piece/Pieces per Year request
T/T,Western Union


1,Vibratory Box Feed powder coating system
2. good for quick and easy color changes powder coating


powder coating equipment

work shape(product shape)---according to different product you just need to press the key,the controller will adjust the best model for you, it is intelligent model

No need to adjust again and again by hand,we set it already

And the AUTO-MANUAL--it is for auto gun and manual gun model

All parameters of powder electrostatic spraying are intelligently controlled by computers

Control programs are selected by keys

Select any program among flat work-piece,dead angle work piece,respray work piece,by the keys, the electrostatic high pressure and electrical current are to be automatically set at the optimal valves which provide the electrostatic parameters necessary for the best powder utilization rate when spraying on different shapes of workpiece

We also can supply the spare parts replacement of famous powder coating machine, they can interchanged with original model and working well,but times lower price !!!


1 control unit 2 Manual powder gun

3 injector 4 Mobile frame with hand rail

5 Fluidizing/suction unit 6 Vibrating table

7 Filter unit 8 Swivel arm

9 Gun holder 10 Hose holder

11 Shelf 12Swivel wheel

13 Rubber wheel


manual box unit is good for quick and easy color changes,It is designed to use the powder manufacturer’s original carton. An inclined vibration table allows complete emptying of the powder box via the fluidized suction tube.

We manufactures kinds of Gema /WAGNER/kci /Nordson replacement parts and spare parts of electrostatic powder coating guns like nozzle, jet nozzle, powder gun, deflector, hose connector, hose fitting teflon, powder pump... More details pls contact us Powder spray gun spare parts Test powder coatng gun Electrostatic powder painting Electrostatic powder coating Electrostatic powder spraying machine Manual Powder Painting System Electrostatic Powder coating machine Powder painting machine Electrostatic powder spraying machine Electrostatic powder coating


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Powder Cup Gun Kit

Powder Cup Gun Kit

Powder Cup Gun Kit

1,Powder Cup Gun Kit
2,powder coating guns
30-100 Digital Adjustable KV
4Pulse Power Technology for beating Faraday Cage Effe

Powder Cup Gun Kit

powder coating system

Electrostatic powder coating machine:

Popularly used in the metal workpiecess surface treatment
Built-in high voltage electrostatic generator
Powder applicable: All kinds of powders

can matched with different powder spraying guns,

powder spray gun,metallic powder coating system, electrostatic powder spraying unit,electrostatic powder coating ,electrostatic powder spraying.

COLO-660T-C ,Designed for small sample testing or powder manufacturers, the Cup Unit incorporates the application cup to the gun. The cup is self-fluidizing and is easy to clean, making color changes fast and easy.

Powder Cup Gun Kit

COLO-660 NEW intelligent powder coating equipment

For the convenience of users, can choose the corresponding use mode through intelligent button

Powder Cup Gun Kit

660 Series Features and Specifications:
0-100 Digital Adjustable KV
Fully Adjustable Amperage
Pulse Power Technology for beating Faraday Cage Effect.
Able to cut Pulse Power on and off
Control unit has one-touch intelligent operation button good for flat parts, complicated parts and recoat parts.Easy to operate.
Fully Adjustable Air for Pump on Pressure, Dosage and Nozzle Rinsing Air.
Comes with Full Array of Nozzle Assortment.
Field Tested and Proven to operate in the toughest environments.
Comes with different array of delivery systems:
Canister Feed - 2 Pound (12Pound,16pound also could availbale)
Because this system was designed with the Pulse Power Built in its
Electronics it is specially balanced for the maximum spray capability with
the Smoothest Finish Possible.


A control unit power supply cable

- A air filter

- A air pressure regulator

- A fluidized powder hopper

- An manual powder gun with gun cable, powder

hose, rinsing air hose and standard nozzle set.

- Pneumatic hoses for conveying air (red), supplementary

air (black) and fluidizing air (black)

powder hose

Ground wire


A) Control unit

Input voltage: 110V-220V

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Input powder: 50W

Pneumatic control voltage: 24V DC

B) Compressed air data:

Max. Input air pressure: 10bar/145psi

Min input air pressure: 6bar/87psi

Max water vapour content: 1.3g/nm

C) Powder Spray Gun

Powder yield: 600g/min

Gun powder: 550G

connection cable: 5m

Manual coating equipment Function description

the powder gun through the powder hose . The powder is electrostatic ally

charged at the nozzle of the gun. In addition, an electrostatic field is

created between the gun nozzle and the grounded object. The charged

powder spray remains adhered to the surface of the object.

The powder is fluidized by air forced through a porous plastic plate from

below. The powder acquires, thereby, fluid-like characteristics.

There are many model could available

1,Hopper feed unit (45L) COLO-660

Powder Cup Gun Kit

2,Cup Unit COLO-660T-C

Powder Cup Gun Kit

3,automatic unit COLO-660T-A

Powder Cup Gun Kit

The process of the coating is like this: The powder is fluidized in the powder hopper. The injectors transport the powder through the hoses to the guns. The guns spray a powder/air mixture onto the workpieces

COLO Powder Coating Systems is a top supplier of powder coating systems and powder coating equipment including manual powder coating equipment, automatic equipment, spray booths,ovens and spare parts for itw gema, wagner, nodrson, kci famous brand in China.

China Powder coating gun, China powder coating machine, China powder coating system, China powder coating equipment, powder coating control unit

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PGC1 powder coating machine

PGC1 powder coating machine

PGC1 powder coating machine

Manual Powder System
with the PG 1 Powder Gun

1.45L powder hopper
2.suitfor COATING complicated workpiece
3.economic type
4.with manual function
5.1 year warranty

PGC1 powder coating machine

Interchanged with Originla MPS. And the spray gun is PG1 .

Technical Data:

this machine is good for powder coating rims or powder coating wheels

Manual Powder Coating System

Hopper Feed 55L

largest electrostatic voltage: 90-100kv

Min. Compressor 87 PSI,

Hose Length 17 Ft,

For Use With All Powder Paints

Include powder spray gun, Control Unit, powder hopper, Powder Injector, Trolley and Vibration System, Cables and Hoses

PGC1 powder coating machine PGC1 powder coating machine PGC1 powder coating machine

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