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MINI PUB - a device for cooling and dispensing beer at home, outdoors, in a sauna, office and etc.

MINI PUB - a device for cooling and dispensing beer at home, outdoors, in a sauna, office, or anywhere where there is a socket of 220V or 12V.
Traditionally, the beer is poured from the kegs in bars and restaurants. Now, receiving friends and family at home or at the bower, you will be able to treat their natural draught beer. Just insert a special keg with beer and set on an electronic display your own preferences – the level of cooling and air pressure (in keg).
- The cooling system allows you to set the optimal beer temperature (6 ° C - 18 ° C)
- CO2 provides high-quality beer for up to 7 days
- it’s possible to install gas cylinders of various capacities - 8 g of CO2, CO2 16 g or 300 g of CO2. The set includes gas cylinder with a capacity of 300 grams CO2.
- Power is 230V (AC) or 12V (DC)
- 2 power cable
- The display shows the selected and actual temperature of the beer
- Simple direction
- Pressure control with the alarm device
- Low noise level
- Color black
- Power is 70W
Advantage in using Mini Pub:
- Keeps the taste of beer thanks to the lack of contact with oxygen. Beer is always fresh and more tasty than bottled.
- Simple installation (small weight, no additional accessories.)
- More over beer in keg is aging much slower. Keg protects the beer from light exposure. Its large size and can air tightness allows keep for a long time the original temperature of the filling and maintain the desired concentration of carbon dioxide formed during in fermentation process under pressure.
- You do not need a refrigerator for storing beer.

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