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Fiberglass Tape

Post Date : December 16
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Fiberglass tape - the ideal material to giving best solution for wall and ceiling problems

Our fiberglass tape products have two types, namely fiberglass drywall tape and fiberglass adhesive tape. They have different characteristics. They are often used with reinforced fiberglass mesh or alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh. In the following are the details of fiberglass tape.

Fiberglass drywall tape
Fiberglass drywall tape or fiberglass drywall joint tape is quite different from the paper tape that traditionally used in the industry. It is a building material that made with a unique cross-fiberglass construction to provide greater drywall joint strength, used to cover seams in the process of drywall construction. This product has good performances like good softness, high stickiness, and easy application. The drywall tape is the ideal material to giving you the best solution for wall and ceiling problems. Drywall tape can also be used to seal corners where two sections of drywall meet. It gives a smooth surface that looks as bright as new.Features of fiberglass drywall wall tape: Good performance of alkaline-resistance; High tensile strength and deformation resistance; Excellent self-adhesive performance; Well arranged; Simple and easy to be applied.

Specifications of fiberglass drywall tape:

  1. Mesh size: 8x8mesh (2.85*2.85mm), 9 x 9mesh (3.20*3.20mm)
  2. Width: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, etc.
  3. Length of roll: 20m, 45m, 90m or as per customers' requirement
  4. Colors: white, yellow, blue, green, etc.
  5. Main size: 50mm x 90m, 50mm x 45m, 50mm x 20m
  6. Packing: Inner packing: shrink packing or plastic bag
    Outer packing: 24 rolls or 54 rolls or 72 rolls/ carton

Application of fiberglass drywall tape:
It is mainly used for the joints of wall, ceiling and other building materials products for crack prevention.

Fiberglass drywall tape in whiteFiberglass drywall tape with holes

Fiberglass adhesive tape

Fiberglass adhesive tape is made of high quality fiberglass fabric coated with acrylic acid copolymer and then cut into the required sizes. Because of chemical properties of fiberglass fabric are stable and not easily oxidized, therefore, our adhesive tape product has incomparable superiority compared to other similar ones. Our fiberglass tapes reached the international advanced level, and sold well in the United States, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions.
Purpose: It is mainly used to mend patch plate walls, gypsum board joints, all kinds of cracks in the wall and other wall surface.

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Fiberglass Panel

Fiberglass Panel

Fiberglass Panel

Fiberglass panel used as wall and roofing materials is very popular to replace traditional metal and glass sheeting

Fiberglass panel is a thin, lightweight board which constructed from the pressed strands of fiberglass. It is used as an alternative to metal sheeting and traditional glass as wall and roofing materials especially in greenhouses. A fiberglass panel can be in kinds of sizes and colors, but it is featured by its outer textures. According to the surface pattern, fiberglass panel can classify by corrugated panel andfiberglass flat panel.

Advantages of fiberglass panels

  1. No cracking when driving nails in roof installation
  2. Close combining with color steel plate.
  3. After long time of service without the phenomenon of yellow
  4. Good resistance to weather
  5. Good and clean appearance and bright
  6. Long service life

Applications of fiberglass panel
Fiberglass panel is popular than other materials because it is lighter, not easy to damage, does not rust, cost low than metal or glass. Therefore it is used as a key building component providing protection from the most extreme industrial and corrosive environments, such as roof, wall, window and fence coverings, skylights, porch-ends, drop-ceiling panels, awnings, carports and decks, liners for shower stalls, sanitation rooms and trucks, greenhouses, solar collectors, etc.

Main specifications:

Size( mm) Thickness Surface material
600*600 600*1200 1200*2400 25 Textile fabric Impact-resistant fabric

Special specifications can be customized by customers.

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    Fiberglass Cloth

    Fiberglass Cloth

    Fiberglass Cloth

    Fiberglass cloth used for insulation, filtration, commercial and construction due to its advantages

    Fiberglass strands can be weaved together into a simple sheet of cloth, called fiberglass cloth. Fiberglass cloth is generally known as fiberglass geotextiles which widely applied in civil engineering. Some people often think this product is the same to reinforced fiberglass mesh. However it is not right. It is mainly a geosynthetic that composite made from fiberglass and short-term acupuncture nonwoven cloth.

    The advantages of fiberglass cloth are following:

    1. Good coverage function: applied to kinds of surfaces, it can cover the defects of old and new walls effectively and ensure the uniformity of the surface structure and color.
    2. Strong tensile strength, it is effective to prevent wall cracking and plays a good roll in wall reinforcement with the high-quality coatings, easy to clean and without surface accumulation of static electricity.
    3. The open voids organizational structure is good for natural diffusion of water vapor to promote the adjustment of the indoor climate.
    4. The non-smooth surface of the fabric can reduce the noise.
    5. Excellent fire and heat resistance
    6. Save time and easy to install, environment protection, safety and good decoration, rich texture.
    7. Play the role of reinforcement, drainage, protection, filtration, isolation in roads, water conservancy, environmental protection and other projects.

    Fiberglass cloth application:
    Fiberglass cloth is very durable and can be used in a variety of different ways, such as insulation, marine and recreation, advanced composites, electronics, filtration, commercial and construction, protection, etc.

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