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sintered powder copper electronic heating pipe

  • USD 0.89 - 1.69 / Piece  
  • 100 Piece/Pieces
  • china mian port
  • US $ 0.89 - 1.69 / Piece
  • 100 Piece/Pieces
  • 5000 Piece/Pieces per Week
  • Tag:Sintered Powder Copper Electronic Heating Pipe,High Quality Electronic Copper Sintered Powder Heating Pipe,Electronic Copper Sintered Heating Pipe,Electronic Copper Sinter Heating Pipe
  • Supplier - Tianjin Skydow Metal Parts Co., Ltd.
  • China (Mainland)China (Mainland)
  • US$10 Million - US$50 Million
  • Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler
  • North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
  • Mr.Wilburn
  • 86-22-24973896,13702111563
Post Date : December 19
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china mian port
US $ 0.89 - 1.69 / Piece
100 Piece/Pieces
5000 Piece/Pieces per Week
L/C,T/T,Western Union


sintered powder copper electronic heating pipe
A)electronic copper sintered heating pipe
B)copper sinter heating pipe

Features of electronic copper sinter heating pipe

High heat transfer rate of electronic copper sintered heating pipe

Outstanding cooling performance electronic copper sintered powder heating pipe
High heat transfer rate, Thermal superconductor

Much high thermal conductivity with very small temperature difference

A closed evaporator-condenser device that can transfer heat much quickly from one point to another point

sintered powder copper electronic heating pipe

Applications for copper heating pipe

groove copper heat pipe for Notebook pc Cooling

sinter powder copper heatpipe for computer cooling

groove heat pipes for Workstation MPU Cooling
copper sintered heatpipe Used in engine and automotive industry

copper sintered powder metal heatpipe Used for the cooling of industrial computers

sintered poweder metal copper heat pipe Used for the cooling of data automation parts and accessories,

electronic copper sintered powder heating pipe Used in electronics, semiconductors, telecommunications and automobile industries.

sintered powder copper electronic heating pipe

Company profile

Tianjin Skydow Metal Parts Co., Ltd is a much reliable and efficient supplier of heatsinks in Mainland China.Its products are used in LED industry, electronic, semiconductor, telecommunication and automobile and IT industries.

with many years' experience in the production of heat pipes, heat sinks, metal punching parts, we are specializing in manufacturing the above products satisfying customers' specific requirements with good quality and competitive prices.

sintered powder copper electronic heating pipe

Our main products include

Heat sinks-- LED heat sinks, computer heat sinks, industrial heat sinks, electronic heat sinks, electric heat sinks, enclosure heat sinks, semiconductor heat sinks, amplifier heat sinks, ceramic heat sinks, IC heat sinks, PCB heat sinks, pin heat sinks, aluminum LED light heat sinks, radiator heat sink

Radiators--LED radiators, industrial radiators, aluminium radiators, electronic radiators, electric radiators, copper radiators, telecommunication radiators, automobile radiators, semiconductor radiators, heatsinks and radiators

Extrusion--heat sink extrusions, aluminium extrusions, window extrusions, door extrusions, radiator extrusions

Heapipes--LED heatpipes,lighting heatpipes,sintered heat pipes,groove heat pipes,copper heatpipes,electronic heatpipes,electronic copper sintered heating pipe

Metal parts and products--metal stamping parts,metal deep drawing,metal wire mesh

Tel:+8622-2497-3896 Fax:+8622-2497-3905
Skype: skydowsales

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SGS approved LED flexible round sinter copper round heat pipe

SGS approved LED flexible round sinter copper round heat pipe

SGS approved LED flexible round sinter copper round heat pipe

SGS approved LED flexible round sinter copper round heat pipe
A)LED flexible heat pipe
B)LED copper sinter heat pipe

Features of LED copper sinter heat pipe

Outstanding cooling performance LED flexible heat pipe

Reduce overall system size and costs

Various shapes and forms of LED round sinter copper heat pipe 

Much high thermal conductivity with very small temperature difference

A closed evaporator-condenser device that can transfer heat much quickly from one point to another point

SGS approved LED flexible round sinter copper round heat pipe

Applications for copper sinter heat pipe

LED flexible heat pipe for lighting industry cooling

copper sintered heatpipe for pc VGA cooling

groove copper heatpipe for Desktop PC cooling

groove copper heat pipe for Notebook pc Cooling

sinter powder copper heatpipe for computer cooling

sinter copper heatpipes Used for the cooling of pc enclosure

sintered heatpipe Used for the cooling of Northbridge

sintered heatpipe for Power Module / RF Module Cooling
copper sintered heat pipe for industrial equipement cooling

sintered powder copper heatpipe Used in electronics, semiconductors, telecommunications and automobile industries.

SGS approved LED flexible round sinter copper round heat pipe

Company profile

Tianjin Skydow Metal Parts Co.,Ltd is one of the major suppliers of heat sinks in Mainland China. With our best endeavor in providing high quality and competitive prices, we have gained the good reputation as a much reliable and efficient supplier among the major manufacturers in electronics,semiconductor,telecommunication and automobile industries 


SGS approved LED flexible round sinter copper round heat pipe

Our main products include

heat sinks--LED heat sinks,computer heat sinks,industrial heat sinks,electronic heat sinks,enclosure heat sinks

radiators--LED radiators,industrial radiators,aluminium radiators,electronic radiators,electric radiators,copper radiators

extrusion--heat sink extrusions,aluminium extrusions,window extrusions,door extrusions,radiator extrusions

heapipes--LED heatpipes,lighting heatpipes,sintered heatpipes,groove heatpipes,copper heatpipes,LED flexible heat pipe,LED round sinter copper heat pipe,LED copper sinter heat pipe


Tel:+8622-2497-3896    Fax:+8622-2497-3905
Skype: skydowsales

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bent round flexible groove copper heatpipe

bent round flexible groove copper heatpipe

bent round flexible groove copper heatpipe

bent round flexible groove copper heat pipe
A)round groove copper heat pipe
B)bent groove copper heat pipe
C)flexible heat pipe

Features of bent groove copper heat pipe

No power needed

Easy assembling

High heat transfer rate of round groove copper heat pipe

Outstanding cooling performance flexible groove copper heat pipe

bent round flexible groove copper heat pipe

Applications for copper heat pipe

sintered heat pipe Used for the cooling of Northbridge

groove heat pipes for Workstation MPU Cooling
bent groove copper heat pipe Used in Heat Exchanger

sintered poweder copper heatpipes used for machine cooling

round groove copper heat pipe used for equipments cooling

sinter powder metal copper heat pipe used for devices cooling

copper sintered heat pipe for industrial equipement cooling

flexible groove copper heat pipe Used for the cooling of industrial computers

bent round flexible groove copper heat pipe

Company profile

Tianjin Skydow Metal Parts Co., Ltd has been adopting the quality materials and underscoring manufacturing processes to provide the better thermal solutions for our customers. 

Customer oriented , continual improvement ,Quality predominant is our quality policy.We strictly inspect the coming material, optimize processing control, strengthen the inspection of the finished products,assure the prompt delivery, improve after-sales services.

  bent round flexible groove copper heat pipe

Our main products include

heat sinks-- LED heat sinks,computer heat sinks,industrial heat sinks,electronic heat sinks,enclosure heat sinks,amplifier heat sinks,ic heat sinks,pcb heat sinks,pin heat sinks

radiators--LED radiators,industrial radiators,aluminium radiators,electronic radiators,copper radiators,semiconductor radiators,amplifier radiators,aluminum led light heatsinks

extrusion--heat sink extrusions,aluminium extrusions,window extrusions,radiator extrusions,copper extrusions

heapipes--LED heatpipes,lighting heatpipes,sintered heatpipes,copper heatpipes,notebook heatpipes,cpu heatpipes, VGA heatpipes,HDD heatpipes,powder supply heatpipes,flexible groove copper heat pipe,bent groove copper heat pipe,round groove copper heat pipe

Metal parts and products--metal stamping parts,metal deep drawing,metal wire mesh

Tel:+8622-2497-3896     Fax:+8622-2497-3905
Skype: skydowsales 

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