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8 paddles lipo laser plus cavitation and RF slimming machine

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Post Date : December 21
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1 Set/Sets
300 Set/Sets per Month
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new generation body slimming machine
lipo laser with cavitation tripolar rf vacuum technology

Parameters :


8.4 inch touch display


6 LASER PADDLES + 4 handles

8 laser paddles +4 handles

Lipo laser part

Max. power consumption :



650nm ±10nm

Laser paddles quantities

6 laser paddles and 8 laser paddles for your option (each big paddles with 8 diode laser)

Diode character :

Import Mitsubishi diode from Japan. 100mw power

Cavitation rf vacuum part

Cavitation frequency:

40KHz , 0 to 50W standard. 0 to 100W for option

RF frequency

6MHZ . 10MHZ for your option

Vacuum Pressure


Pack size


Package include

1. Main Machine X 1

2. Cavitation Handle X 1

3. tripolar rf handle X1

4. Multi-polar rf Handle X 1

5. vacuum handle

6. lipo laser paddles x 6 or 8

7. holder for lipo laser and cavitation x2

8. Protective Goggles X 2

9. English manual/instructions, CD

10. power core : USA. Europe etc.

8 paddles lipo laser plus cavitation and RF slimming machine 8 paddles lipo laser plus cavitation and RF slimming machine

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ipl depilatory machine IPL03

ipl depilatory machine IPL03

3 ( ipl,rf,laser) in 1 high-tech machine
best ipl machine
ipl cooling rf beauty machine
CE approval

IPL + RF + Laser double screen beauty equipment

Functions :

1. permanents hair removal ,
2. Spots/age pigment/ freckle/ removal,
3. skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal,
4. acne reduction , vascular lesion ,

5.contours shaping, facial red blood line removal, skin whitening
6. removal of all colors of tattoo and embroidery eye line



Technical Parameter


hand pieces

One elight hand pieces spot size 12*50mm with 7 filters(standard 5 filters)

One rf hand pieces with 3 tips

One laser tattoo removal hand pieces with 2 tips(1064nm and 532nm)

Multi-band hand-piece



8.4 inch color touch LCD screen (for elight and rf )

5.4 inch color touch LCD screen (for laser tattoo removal)

Language available

English, Spanish, Italian


0-50J/cm2(elight and rf)   1-100mj for laser

Pulse width:


Pulse number:


Pulse delay:


Output Power

800W for elight and rf ;  350w for laser

Shot period(Frequency)

1-5 second adjustable

Lamp longevity:

100, 000shots

Light types :

intensive pulse light & ND-YAG laser instrument

Cooling way

Semi-conductor + water + wind cooling +cooling gel


AC 110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz

1. Long continuing working time;
2. No downtime, No side affects;
3. Powerful energy, multi-fuctions with one machine;
4. CPC connector of instantly Plug and Play;
5. Three cooling systems together, be more effective and safer;
6. Modular Design of inner structure, easy to repair;
7.8.4" TFT colorful touch screen.

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IPL hair removal waxing machine with IPL Handpiece

IPL hair removal waxing machine with IPL Handpiece

IPL hair removal waxing machine with IPL Handpiece

IPL machine with two treatment head for
hair removal ,skin rejuvenation ,shrink pores ,
photo rejuvenation ,spot removal,.

Two System Elight(IPL+RF )+ Monopolar RF

The theory of Mono-polar RF(unipolar radiofrequency)

The Monopolar RF equipment is the high-tech beauty equipment, great safety and no wound.
The collagen is the main structure of skin. However, the collagen and elastin will reduce and lack because of sun oxidation and air pollution as the time flies , Assustainment of skin, flexibility fibre and collagen fibre would gradually lose elasticity and tensility.Sagging skin, or other visible signs of aging will appear.
The  Monopolar RF equipment with the cooling system in surface layer, uses proprietary technology to deliver radiofrequency energy to the collagen tissue of dermis layer.
When the RF energy get into the skin, which could stimulate the water molecules of dermis to rub each other then make a lot of heat,

When deep collagen tissue is heated up to 45-60, it will naturally produce instant shrinking, stimulate to excrete much new collagen to make up interspace of the shrinking or lost collagen protein, and make them re-array, rebuilt skin soft bracket, finally get tight skin, remove wrinkle, recover skin elasticity and luster.
When the RF energy get into the skin, which could stimulate the water molecules of dermis to rub each other then make a lot of heat, when the temperature reach at 68-72 degrees, it will stimulate the dermis layer of collagen fibers immediately contract, and stimulate collagen reconstruction and reborn of long-term.Show you younger and elastic skin.
Immediate result:when the temperature of hypoderm arrive at 68°C-72°C, the collagen will immediately shrink, at this time, the loose skin will lift and tighten at once.The fine wrinkles will disappear, the deep wrinkles will be lightened after one treatment.2.Long term effect:To stimulate the recombination and regrowth of collagen.In 2-6 months after one course treat, return you a younger and flexible skin
Applications1. Cellulite & fat reduction , slimming machine2.Wrinkle removal, Skin tightening 3.Breast lifting & reshaping
 4.permanent hair removal, acne , skin rejuvenation , pigmentation vascular .breast.treatment
Technical Parameter



8.4 inch touch display

Stand Handpiece

Elight hand pieces 12*30mm or 15x50 with 5 filters

Monopolar RF hand pieces

480nm-1200nm for acne , vascular lesion .

530nm-1200nm for red face,red nose,spider veins,skin  rejuvenation,wrinkle Removal

590nm-1200nm for pigmentation removal,age spots,sun spots,pigmentation troubles

640nm-1200nm for hair removal ,depilation

690nm-1200nm for breast enhance

430nm,560nm,750nm for your choices


0-50J/cm2(IPL)   0-50J/cm2(RF)

Pulse width


Pulse number


Pulse delay


Shot period(Frequency)

1-3 second adjustable

Lamp longevity


Cooling system

Wind+water+semiconductor cooling



Package include

1.       Main Machine X 1

2.       E-light Head X 1

3.       RF Head X 1 X 3 tips

4.       Filter X5

5.       Protective Goggles X 2

6.       Bottle X 1

7.       Foot Step X 1

8.       English manual/instructions


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