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Stainless Steel Dry Method Garlic Peeling Machine

  • USD 1,200 - 1,800 / Set  
  • 1 Piece/Pieces
  • ISO9001
  • Qingdao
  • US $1,200 - 1,800 / Set
  • 1 Piece/Pieces
  • Tag:High Quality Dry Method Garlic,Garlic Peeling Machine,Stainless Steel,Henan Brimful Shine Commerce
Post Date : December 29
Product Details
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Item specifics

US $1,200 - 1,800 / Set
1 Piece/Pieces
Shandong China (Mainland)
L/C,T/T,Western Union
304 Stainless steel
Energy saving/high efficiency/easy cleaning
100 Piece/Pieces per Week
Garlic peeling


1.Output ability:150kg/h,Weight:70kg
2.Stainless steel dry method garlic peeling machine
4.Garlic peeler machine


The YS garlic peeling machine is used to peel off the skin of the individual garlic with air motivity which is environmental and energy-saving. This machine can apply to any kind of garlic and don't need to water the garlic.The special design make sure that the machine won't cash and cut the garlic,and keep them in good condition,smooth and unpolluted. It features functional,power-saving, efficient, easy to clean and repair, low faulty.etc.Setted in automatic drop guidence equipment to seperate the garlic seed and cover automatically,it is approval of national hygienic standards,and has the ability to keep the garlic stored for more days as it make no harm to garlic.It has a good reputation domestic and overseas for its good quality and multifunction.

Technical Parameters:

ModelPowerWeight OutputDimensions


1.Dry and peel the garlic automatically, successively and completely

2.Practical, energy-saving, small volume, high efficiency, easy to clean and repair, low fault rate

3.With automatic dehumidification equipment and drop guidance equipment, it’s easy to use

4.No matter how big the garlic is, they can be put in the machine together, and then the seed and the cover will be peeled away automatically

5.The machine is approval of the national hygienic standards, it is very safe and healthy

6.The machine can work separately or with production line

7.It won’t harm the garlic, so the garlic can be stored for more days, in addition, the peeled garlic looks bright and feels smooth, the same effect as man-made

8.The output ability of garlic peeling machine accord with the season, origin, type and quality of the garlic, average ability is approximate 40-300kg/h, peeling efficiency is above 98%

9.It is needed to equip with air compressor machine as its motive, one peeling machine matches one air compressor machine for appropriate air pressure and air flow

The requirement of air compressor:

♦Air flow:1.06 m³ /min

♦Air pressure:0.8-0.9Mpa



The Garlic Peeling Machine of our company is made by carton steel and stainless steel, motivated by air compressor, controlled by electronic and air to dry, guide drop, peel and output automatically. This machine adopt the latest technology and grasp the international trend of this kind of product, it has been hot-selling in not only China but also South-east Asia and neighbouring country.

1.The high automation can make sure that one man control several machines at the same time

2.The course don’t need water so it’s environmental

3.High peeling efficiency and low fault rate

4.It is not restrict to how big the garlic is, therefore, it is no need to take time to pick the garlic

5.It is practical, stable, safe and easy to operate


It is widely used in vegetable processing factory, garlic processing factory, canteen, hotel, condiment and instant noodle factory such as MASTER KONG, Uni-president, Hua Long and Besign, dehydration factory, vegetable wholesale marketplace and individual businessman; Moreover, it could also be used to peel the inner skin of peanut.

How to use:

Please read the introductions and specifications of the garlic peeling machine before operation

Please don’t leave the machine in its working time, and keep children away from the machine

It’s forbidden to clean the main engine of the machine with water before or after operating, and avoid the water on the machine thus to prevent leakage of the electricity; IF you will clean the machine, please switch off the power firstly and clear it with dry cloth except for the main engine

If you won’t use it for a long time, please put the machine in dry and ventilate place in case it is affected with damp and mouldy.

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Stainless Steel Dry Method Garlic Peeling Machine

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Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

(1)Model:B3-14A Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
(3)Refrigeration Capacity:1-10KW

ISO9001:2000 CE UL Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

How Heat Transfer Works

Heat transfer occurs when there is a difference in temperature between two mediums. Heat will travel from the hot source to the cold source. The rate at which the heat transfer occurs at is determined by many factors such as the heat conductivity of the two materials and the difference in temperatures of the two mediums. Convective heat transfer occurs when the materials are moving against each other.

Plate heat exchangers have significantly good heat transfer rates because they use metal plates which have high heat conductivity rates and the plates are extremely thin. The plate heat exchangers also achieve high amounts of heat transfer through convective forces with both working fluids. With large temperature differentials, great amounts of heat transfer can be achieved using a plate heat exchanger.


Corrosion is usually the reason why these units will fail.

1.Use fluids with reasonable pH levels to ensure a long lasting life.

2.Hard water will corrode faster than regular water. (Use distilled if possible; Distilled should never corrode it)

3.Salt water will corrode stainless steel very fast.

4.It is recommended to clean the exchanger often if you are using corrosive fluids.

5.Normal usage (non-corrosive fluids) should expect 10-20 years of life.

6.Fluids containing chlorides will corrode the unit quickly.


This is an extremely popular unit for :

Wall-mounted Heater, Heating Water Heater, Low Temperature Testing Equipment, Small-sized Refrigeration Equipment, etc.

It will work for any application in which the desired result is for two fluids (liquid or gas) to exchange heat.

Technical parameter

Product nameFlat Plate Heat Exchanger
Product modelB3-14A
Unit heat exchanging area0.014m2
Maximum flowrate8m3/h
Plate Material316L or 304 stainless steel
Welding material99.9% copper
thickness of plate0.3mm
Volume per channel0.022L
Maximum number of plate60
Design pressure

1.0MPa or 3.0MPa

Test pressure2.0MPa or 4.5MPa
Design temperature

-195 ~+220


the biggest screw thread pipe for hot water side: 1",

the biggest screw thread pipe for cold water side: 7/8"

Refrigeration Capacity1-10KW

Contact Information

More details please don't hesitated to contact wih me, I'm just here waiting for you!

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

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YS series bakery equipment line

YS series bakery equipment line

YS series bakery equipment line

bakery equipment line
1.Electrical, Coal, Diesel, Gas
2.Five-stage style tuyere
3.Control temperature automatically

YS series bakery equipment line

Do the best, for the trust !


Function It is an ideal equipment for baking cakes, toast, bread. Bun, Hamburg, french loaf, cookies, mooncakes, all kinds of desserts and so on.

Energy Electrical, Coal, Diesel, Gas

Performance Features

♥Special air duct design---ensures sufficient cross-ventilation and uniform temperature

Five-stage style tuyere---meets special requirements of different products and different seasons
Automatic exhaust fan---takes away the hot gas when the door opens, so burn and adverse effect to operation can be prohibited.

Three- layers of thermal insulation---thickness up to 135mm, excellent thermal insulation property with very little heat loss.

Convenience---Control cabinet adopt 180 degree rotary, can be adjustable to the needed position.

Appearance---elegant and generous.

Safe---Cricuit is inner seal, controled by IC microcomputer.

Electrical Specification

1. Automatic temperature control, over-temperature protection.

2. Set time alarm system can control the baking time better.

3. Two kinds of air speed design to choose, can make the speed and quality coordinate.

4. The turnplate stops automaticly when open the baking door and operate when it is closed.











Max. tray(mm)

Weight (kg)



32(one cart)








32(one cart)





YS-XZL32C(Diesel )


32(one cart)





Rotary oven

YS series bakery equipment line

Baking tray

YS series bakery equipment line

Baking samples

YS series bakery equipment line

YS series bakery equipment line


YS series bakery equipment line


YS series bakery equipment line

Control Panel

YS series bakery equipment line


YS series bakery equipment line YS series bakery equipment line


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