Copper Clad Laminated Sheet (FR4)

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Copper clad laminated sheet- FR4;
FR4 copper clad laminated sheet to be consisted of E-glass fabric, impregnated with epoxy resin and clad with electrolytic foil;
It has excellent electric, mechanical and flamer retardant properties and is widely used for PCB with printed circut on one or both side in microwave ovens, computer, communication apparatus as well as high grade electronic instruments;
Thickness: 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm and so on;
Thickness of copper: 18um, 35um and ect, and be adjusted by the customer;
Face: 1 and 2;
Size: 1020MM X 1220MM.
(1) the end face of foil covered board should be tidy without any delamination and crackle;
(2) any bubble, wrinkle, pin hole, deep nick, pitting and glue spot on the copper foil covered face is not allowed. Any color changing or dirty can be easily removed by density 1.02g/cm3 hydrochloric acid or proper organic solution;
(3) on lamination face, the defects such as bubble, impressed pitting, nick and glue lack and outer impuring which retard its use are not allowed.

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Laminated wood quality of raw materials for the light, hard and difficult to distort the cracks, and gums, resins content is less;

We adopt the beech veneer which imported from Germany;

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Copper Clad Laminated Sheet (CEM-3)

Copper Clad Laminated Sheet (CEM-3)

Copper Clad Laminated Sheet (CEM-3)

Heat insulation FEATURES
Good heat resistance and moisture resistance, good mechanical properties and electrical properties
Lead-free FR-4 copper clad laminated sheet is a kind of copper foil covered laminated board formed through heat pressing after the electric industry alkali-free glass fiber dips into thermoset epoxy resins and is covered with copper foil at one side or both sides. Ead-free FR4 copper clad laminate is usually used in PCB with printed circuit on one or both sides of computers, home electric appliances and other lines.


1. FR4 copper clad laminated sheet
2. UV blocking and AOI compatible, so as to increase productivity efficiency
3. High thermal performance, Td ≥ 325° C, T288≥ 5min, suitable for lead-free process.
4. Good flatness, smooth surface, no pits

Suggestion for use

Please baking the laminate at 150° C, 2 hours before using.

Please pay attention to the machining for the interbedded energy is lower than the normal FR-4rilling parameters are mainly dependent on hole size, layer thickness, layer number, copper thickness and stack height.

Automotive radio, display, power supply, keybord, instrument, game machine, etc.

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