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Epoxy Rods for High Voltage Composite Insulators

Post Date : January 11
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Products performance:
Superiormechanical strength to steel, more reliable and light Excellent insulation performance, electric voltage covers from 10kv to 1000kv.

ECR RODS: Excellent acid resistance and anti-brittle property.

Products specification:
Rods Diameter: ??12, ??16, ??16. 5, ??16. 8, ??17. 48, ??18, ??20, ??22, ??24, ??25, ??26, ??28, ??30, ??32, ??34, ??35, ??38, ??40, ??45, ??46, ??50, ??53, ??60, ??63, ??70, ??76, ??80, ??90, ??110.

Plate(fish plate) for electrical field railway insulator.

High voltage electrical switch, squire plate: 10X20, 10X22, 10X30, 12X55, 16X22, 16X25, 16X30, 16X110, 20X25, 20X30, 20X35, 20X40, 20X53.

Various rods with special requirements can be designed and tailor made.
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Epoxy Resin Fiber Glass Winding Tube

Epoxy Resin Fiber Glass Winding Tube

Epoxy Resin Fiber Glass Winding Tube
With special designed Epoxy resin fiber glass winding tube made of special purpose epoxy resin (high-temperature resistance and ultra low viscosity property) and high-quality glass fiber, you can make high voltage and SF6 extra high-voltage composite busing from 40.5KV to 550KV.

Reinforced with glass fiber and special winding structure, this product is more suitable for heavy earthquake area with high bending property and excellent mechanical.

With some high-temperature resistant resin as reinforce agent, this product is applied to act as hollow tube with resistance of high temperature nature and SF6 gas from the arc.
With good corrosion resistance to SF6 gas.
Excellent insulating property, the value of partial discharge testing is less than 5pC

SF6 high-voltage switch, hollow insulator/bushing
Switch gear for the transformer
Tailor made is also possible to meet various specification.
The winding tube is calculated on the basis ofthe internal diameter according to our standard, and the external diameter and length can be made according to customer's special needs for their products.

The series internal diameter of the winding tube:
??57, ??60, ??64, ??66, ??76, ??83, ??92, ??100, ??103, ??110, ??135, ??145, ??170, ??176, ??188, ??190, ??220, ??240, ??248, ??325, ??370, ??400, ??500.
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Electrical Metal Products

Electrical Metal Products

Electrical Metal Products
We can make products according to your design.

Dajin Electrical Co. Ltd is a factory that is specialized in manufacturing, researching and designing cast epoxy resin insulators, BMC and SMC material and products.

Equipped with 20 presses, we can manufacture 1000 ton goods using BMC&SMC material. Standing in the leading position, the acid-resistance (ECR glass reinforced) rod and composite insulators have been wildly used in the high voltage industry.
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