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FIBC, Big Bags, Natural Peat

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  • Big Bag, FIBC
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Post Date : January 14
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Big Bag, FIBC


FIBC, Big Bags 500 kg, 1000 kg 4 loops, with top and bottom spouts or without, with certificates.

Natural peat



Trade name Natural Peat

Bag size *(product volume ±5%) 70,150,225,5000L

Peat type according Von Post Brown (H4 – H6)

Volume weight natural 240-280 kg/m3

Fraction 0-6 mm, 0-20mm, 6-20mm

pH 3.5-4.5

Ash content ( % dry matter) <5%

EC , mS/cm <0.3

Organic matter, weight % in dry



Humidity <45%

Additives NONE

Measurement method ?ST 7138388-02 : 2009

Application Main ingredient for substrate for plants

General quality information Peat contains no harmful materials or micro

organisms to such a degree that they have a

harmful effect on people, animals or

environment when used in accordance to the

instructions for use, or that they weaken the

properties of the peat as a growing medium.

Peat is suitable for use as a growing medium

after being limed and fertilized. Free from

Parasitic Nematodes. Free from Soil, and

harmfull materials for plants too, not only

Human, Animals or environment.

Chief of laboratory ________________

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