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Obstetrics Vacuum Extractor (Handle Type)

Post Date : January 15
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Pump + Cup


Handheld type Baby Extract Pump is a powerful tool for vaginal delivery and cesarean section, and its handy compact structure, without any power supply, the use is simple, non-slip, stable and reliable.

It applies to all levels of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital clinical needs.

*Easy to read accurate vacuum value;
*Drag and vacuum gap can use different pressure, reduce fetal injury;
*Manually vacuum, very convenient to use;
*The extractor is small, made of soft materials, well sealed, and not easily to slip;
*Without power, safe and reliable;
*Vacuum pump body and its meter can be washed automatically and easy to disinfect.

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X-ray Film Processor

X-ray Film Processor

X-ray Film Processor

For rapid development of such soft films as X-ray, CT, MRI, and DSA.

A. Full new appearance, beautiful and elegant, occupy small area;
B. Overall machine adopts SANYO electric machine in connection with incline gear face decelerator drive, running calm, noise is extremely small;
C. Deep slot U shape bird leading type convey construction, film after multi-layer extrusion has higher image quality.
D. Full mould fabrication, characteristic stabiles;
E. High automatization ready to feed film right after switch on.
F. After feeding the film, automatic equipment starts the follows components:
1)Drive electrode
2) Fan
3) Electricity heater
4) Medicine fluid supplying system
The whole parts would be but off to avoid any waste within four minutes of unloading of the final film.
In the machine only the temperature keep stable to guarantee film development any time.

Main Tech parameter:
1. Film treatment specification: Min. Length 4"(100mm), Max. Width 17" (435mm), Min. Width 30mm;
2. Film developing capacity: 68PCS/hour (12" x 15"), speed 110s;
3. Film developing velocity: Dry in and dry out 90s~360s, no grade adjustable (for medical use)
4. Liquid temperature control scope: 20~40 degree, adjustable
5. Drying temperature: 40~60 degree, adjustable
6. Environment temperature: 5~30 degree
7. Relative humidity: 85%
8. Medicine liquid slot volume: 4.6L
9. Water consumption: Less than 1.5L/minute
10. Noise: Less than 55dB
11. Power supply: AC220V, 50/60Hz
12. Power: 1.4KW
13. Machine body Dimension: 810 x 560 x 520mm, Machine frame excluded.
14. Package size: 740 x 660 x 1200mm
15. Weight: 46kgs

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Air Compressing Nebulizer (NL003)

Air Compressing Nebulizer (NL003)

Air Compressing Nebulizer (NL003)

This equipment sprayed liquid medication to fog panel by compressing air, and form tiny particles, which flow into the throat through imbibing tube. It adopts oil-free-high-efficiency valve with no need for daily lubrication and it is with low noise, tiny particles. It is an ideal product for family and medical units' use.

Technical data:
Maximum compressor pressure≥0.15Mpa
Compressor free air flow: ≥10L/min
Maximum nebulization rate ≥0.20mL/min
Sound level: ≤65dB(A)

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