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Load Break Switch Indoor/LBS/24kV/630A/FN12-12/IEC60265

Post Date : January 16
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FN12 is a three-phase H. V switch equipment, which is used for 12KV 50Hz for breaking and switching load current, no-load transformer cable charging current and closing short-circuit current. The load switch with earth switch can switch short-circuit current.
FN12-12DR Load Break Switch-Fuse Combination is made up of FN12-12D load switch and S LAJ-12(XRNT -10) H. V current limiting Fuse. This switch can break any current till short-circuit current. Because of the striker of the fuse, the switch can switch off automatically.

It is used for the ring main units and industrial equipment of 12KV and three-phase AC 50Hz to control load and short-circuit current. Because the switch-fuse combination protects transformer equipment more reliably than circuit breaker. It is especially suitable for ring main units, radial distribution and combined transformers.

A. GB3804-90<3~65KV AC H. V Load switch>
B. GB16926-1997(eqv. IEC62271-2002)
C. GB1995-89 Normal Serviec Condition
A. The ambient air temperatrue: Max: +40oC. Min: -25oC.
B. The altitude ≤ 1000m.
C. The relatire humidity of air Daily average ≤ 95%. Monthly average ≤ 90%
D. The ambient air should not be obviously polluted by corrosivity or the flammability gas and geam. etc.
E. Without frequent shake.
F. Environment degree: Grade II.
If requirements are not mentioed above, users can fix them with the manufacturer.
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