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Viscose Filament Yarn

Post Date : January 16
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The raw material of our viscose filament yarn is cotton linter that will become cotton pulp after several process sequences. Then after chemical treatment cotton pulp will become viscose dope. And viscose dope will become viscose filament yarn after spinning. At the end viscose filament yarn will become regenerated cellulose fiber after post processing. Viscose filament yarn has several advantages such as favorable water absorbability, air permeability and dyeing behavior, as well as excellent draping property. So viscose filament yarn is widely used in weaving, fine hair making, knitting and thread-making these kinds of industry. And it is a kind of important fiber for slap-up fashionable clothing.

Our products: 50D, 75D, 120D, 150D, 250D, 300D, 450D, 500D, 800D, 1100D multi-specification and series of bright and dull viscose filament yarns.

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Lafit Filament Yarn

Lafit Filament Yarn

Lafit Filament Yarn

LAFIT filament yarn has advantages like strong air permeability, good water absorbability and high flexility. And it will not release harmful substances in burning. So it is widely used in making wall cloth, one kind of slap-up upholstery material. It is also an ideal material for making slap-up braided fabric.

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Polyester Filament Yarn

Polyester Filament Yarn

Polyester Filament Yarn

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