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Mahjong Cleaner

Post Date : January 21
Membrane Switch Panels Manufacturer
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1. Rapidly clean the surface of Mahjong, leaving it fresh with a unique lemon fragrance.
2. Effectively prevent dust accumulation and make the track smoother without demagnetization.
3. The antimicrobial helps to prevent germ transmission and eliminating diversified bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, mould fungus and microzyme, etc.

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Engine Surface Degreaser (B-1110)

Engine Surface Degreaser (B-1110)

Engine Surface Degreaser (B-1110)

Quickly penetrate and emulsify with a powerful blend of solvents and grease cutters. Remove grease, dirt, and grime from all automotive, marine, and tractor engines. Safe on most under hood rubber, plastic, and paint when used as directed.

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Engine Flushing Oil (B-1827)

Engine Flushing Oil (B-1827)

Engine Flushing Oil (B-1827)

Can decompose and remove stubborn dirt, carbon and oxidant depositions in engine. It is particularly applicable for engines which haven't been washed for a long time, and which have misapplied bad additives or bad machine oil. The outstanding cleaning effect is incomparable for ordinary engine internal cleaning agent.

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