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Oxalic Acid

Post Date : January 29
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Oxalic acid:
Oxalic acid is used for the extraction of rare metals, polishing of marbles and other stone surfaces, cleaning and polishing of metals, auxiliary textile agents production, for the production of antibiotics (tetracycline etc. ), for the production of oxalates, esters and glyoxalic acid, in the leather industry, in the building industry etc.

Formic acid:
Dying & finishing of textiles & paper; Leather treatment; Chemical synthesis; Manufacture of fumigants, insecticides, refrigerants, solvents for perfumes, lacquers; Electroplating; Medicine; Brewing (antiseptic); Silvering glass; Cellulose formate; Natural latex coagulant; Ore flotation; Vinyl resin plasterers; Animal feed additive.

Acetic acid:
Manufacture of acetic anhydride, vinyl acetate; Widely used in solvents, dyes, cellulose acetate, pharmaceuticals, insecticides, textile printing photographic film and coagulating rubber latex.

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Anyang Eiex Co., Ltd.

Anyang Eiex Co., Ltd.

Sodium hexametaphosphate:
Used as a sequestering, m dispering, deflocculating agent, and as a coating agent to form a thin passivating film that protects metals from corrosion; Industrial Water Treatment: SHMP can be used in continuously recycled industrial water as a softener; SHMP is used in the textile industry for industrial cleaning and as dispersion in pigmenting and dyeing operation. It is also used in oil well drilling.

Benzoic acid:
Used as preservative of food and medicine, plasticizer and material of organic synthesis such as perroxybenzoic chloride.

Sodium benzoate:
Food Preservative, Antiseptic Medications, Tobacco, Tabletting Lubricant For Pharmaceutical, Dyes Intermediate, Mildew Inhibitor.

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