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Tung Shung Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd.

Post Date : February 01
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1. Special two step high-speed vacuum system. Adjustable vacuuming speed specially designed to carter for various plate materials. Steady vacuuming suitable for high fidelity screening ruling.
2. Equipped with German designed reflector to ensure light spreading evenly.
3. Japan made instant UV light providing great light exposing and long run.
4. Japan rubber blanket, rubber mat lining.
5. Auxiliary Exposure (Diffusion sheet) system enable great result in cleaning dirt spots and masking tape mark.
6. Maintenance free hi-speed vacuum pump.
7. Precision integrating light meter ensures accurate and consistent exposure. Greatly eliminates distortion of screen lines arising from lamp aging, unstable lighting up and fluctuating voltage. Ensure reliable exposure quality.

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Plate Oven

Plate Oven

Plate Oven
1. Specially designed to increase the PS conventional or CTP Thermal or CTP Photopolymer plate's productivity especially in large volume printing in press industry.
2. Designed with high standard temperature control and good heat insulation.
3. Good hot air ventilation provides even temperature in the oven.
4. Suitable for all type printing plates.
5. Each oven has 2 doors with each door can bake up to 4 plates.
6. Accurate timing alarm ensures the good quality of plates.
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Plate Reserve

Plate Reserve

Plate Reserve
1. A pair of left-right transverse moving brushes in cleaning system provide and efficient cleanliness on the plates.
2. Built to exacting standards with stainless steel tank throughout for anti-strong acid and alkali. Avoid fragmentation and cracking damages, which will be happened on PVC tank.
3. Full electronic controls enable easy and timesaving pre-set of functions.
4. Suitable for repeated printing plates, cost and timesaving.
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