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Super High Voltage Disc Ceramic Capacitors (CT81)

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From Aug 24, 2012 To Oct 10, 2012
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Manufacture Supply CT81 Super High Voltage Disc Ceramic Capacitors
Use for coupling, and by-pass circuit there are a stable and high reliability products
Type DCG super high voltage disc ceramic capacitors have high rated voltage, often used in filter circuit for high voltage supply and in high voltage circuit for TV set and monitor, UPS, LED drive power, electric vehicle controller, mobile phone charger, color TV, DVD, STB, inverter power supply, aviation spacecraft, intelligent power grid, Smart grid, step-up and voltage-multiplying circuit, and digital circuit as measuring boxes, police equipment, X-ray machine, CT machine and other medical equipments, security detecting equipment, electric power equipment, instruments and meters, mechanical equipment, anion generator, high voltage generator, High frequency and high voltage power supply for high-end CT scanners, X-ray machine power supplies, 350KV charged particle accelerators power supplies, industrial power supplies above 300KV, 500KV ~ 800KV laser power supplies, etc.

Rated Voltage: 1000V, 2000V, 3000V, 4000V, 6.3KV, 10KV, 15KV, 20KV, 30KV, 40KV, 50KV
Capacitance: 100pf (101), 120pf (121), 200pf (201), 220pf (221), 270pf (271), 330pf (331), 390pf (391), 470pf (471), 510pf (511), 560pf (561), 680pf (681), 1000pf (102), 1200pf (122), 1500pf (152), 2000pf (202), 2200pf (222), 2700pf (272), 3000pf (302), 3300pf (332), 4000pf (402), 4700pf (472), 5600pf (562), 6800pf (682), 10nf (103), 20nf (203), 22nf (223), 47nf (473)

General Specifications:
N4700-10KV/100pf/250pf/330pf/470pf/1000pf/2200pf, Y5T-10KV/220pf/330pf/470pf/1000pf/2200pf/10000pf, Y5U-10KV/3300pf/4700pf/10000pf
Y5U-15KV/3300pf/4700pf/10000pf, Y5T-15KV/3300pf/4700pf/10000pf
N4700-30KV/100pf/150pf/500pf/1000pf/2200pf, Y5T-30KV/1000pf/2200pf/3300pf/5000pf,
N4700-40kv/100pf/500pf/1000pf, Y5T-40KV/2200pf/3300pf, Y5V-40KV/10000pf
N4700-50KV/100pf/500pf/1000pf, SL-50KV/22pf/50pf

Operating Temperature Range: -25C to +85C
Rated Voltage (V): 1 KV -50KVDC
Capacitance Range: 100pF -47, 000pF
Test Voltage: 2 times of the rated voltage.
Dissipation Factor (tan δ ): At 1 kHz, 1± 0.2 Vrms. 25C
Y5P, Z5U: Tan δ ≤ 2.5%
Z5V: Tan δ ≤ 5%
Insulation Resistance: 10, 000 MΩ Or 200 MΩ Whichever is the smaller
Temperature characteristic: N4700(DL), UJ, SL, YL, BN, Y5P, Y5R, X7E(X7E), X7F(X), X7R(X7R), Y5S(S), Y5T(D), Y5U(E), Y5V(F).

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High-voltage supply filtering, coupling, decoupling, delay lines, energy storage, Professional, Military and Space applications, energy generation stations, Wind Power Inverter, Traction Inverter, Medical Power, Solar Inverter, SVC/VFS/HVC/APF/FACTS, Laser Power, Motor Driver or Motor Run, Hybrid Vehicle Inverter, Welding Inverter, Induction Heating Power, High Voltage Power Supply, High Frequency SMPS Power systems, UPS Power Supply, Marine Power Converter, High Frequency Inverter, oil & gas industry and Power Generating Systems.

General characteristics
Function: Single and multiple capacitors
Capacitors + resistors
Capacitors + inductances
Capacitors + inductances + resistors
Temperature range: - 55C to + 125C (standard)
Possible extension - 65C to + 200C
Voltage range: 630 V to 60KV
Capacitance range: 100 pF to 30UF
Volume: Up to 2 dm3
Stored energy: Up to 150 joules
Volume energy: Up to 200 joules /dm3

Various composite dielectrics (plastic + paper or reconstituted mica) are used for manufacturing high-voltage capacitors.

They are impregnated with solid thermo-setting resins such as epoxy, Polyester or silicons.
This technology gives very high stability of mechanical and electrical
Characteristics with a temperature range of - 55C to + 125C or + 175C and even + 200C on request.
Rated voltage is applicable for all temperature ranges indicated on the data sheet (HT 72 - HT 76 - HT 77 - HT 78 - HT 86 - HT 96 - HT 97).

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