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Remote Room Thermostat

Post Date : March 16
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Remote Room Thermostat
1.remote control
2. Comm.: RS-485
3.good quality,competitive price.
4.heating/cooling system

Remote Room Thermostat

AKE Remote Room Thermostat used for remote temperature monitoring, is specially designed for HVAC remote control.

1) Main Function

1.With the BTU Measurement function;

2.Refrigeration/Heating/Ventilation mode selectable, adjusted the fan speed at High/Middle/Low level automatically.

3.Remotely control on/off, advance start the FCU or postpone off FCU automatically;

4.Lock the temperature to certain degree uniformly;

5.Pre-paid, 24hrs advanced reminder if havent enough balance in account, stopped service if some defaulte happens;

6.Memory setting function;

7.Failure warning function.

8.Infrared ray remote control(available/optional)

Programmable Thermostat

2) Characteristic

1.Three-ways or two-ways motorized valve available;

2.Can be integrated into HVAC terminal remotely control system and M-BUS system;

3.LCD display, blue backlight;

4.Touch screen and keypad screen selectable;

5.Uses relay, high dependability;

6.Split type, isolates strong current and weak current, easily&safely to install;

all thermostat

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Electronic Thermostat / remote control

Electronic Thermostat / remote control

Electronic Thermostat / remote control

Electronic Thermostat:
1.Remote control and automatic time switch
2.CE certificate
3.Comm. protocol: RS485
4.LCD Display

Electronic Thermostat

AKE Electronic Thermostat can control FCU and motorized valve remotely in the computer room.To keep room temperature stable and be energy-efficient, thermostat real-timely detects room temperature and compares it with set temperature, automatically regulating fan speed .

It is widely used in hotels, offices, hospitals, shopping malls and other high-level apartments.

Main Function

1. Remotely control: Remotely control and manage FCU in building control center, remotely adjust temperature and fan speed without entering into a particular room/ office..
2. Time switch: Automatically open/ close FCU in advance or delay according to different tenants' working hour.

3. Temperature-set Limit and Auto Monitoring: Sets up a temperature that can’t be over or below a certain degree, monitors the status automatically, avails energy saving.

4. Locks temperature at a certain degree in case of optional adjustment.



i) Split design, a set of thermostat consists of two parts: a Data Collector and a Control Panel.

ii) Control panel is installed on mounting box (size:86*86mm);

iii) Data Collector is installed above the ceiling, near by FCU;

iv) Maximum installation distance between Control Panel and Data Collector should be within 50m.


1. Large LCD screen, regulates and controls temperature with digital display.

2. Split structure, much safer and longer lifespan;

3. Blue, white, green backlight selectable.

4. Cool/Heating/Ventilation mode selectable;

5. 2 wires and 3 wires valves both suitable;

1. Infrared remote control (Optional);

7. Adopts intelligent circuit control design, fan speed can be adjusted automatically;

8. Temperature compensation and calibration, corrects display temperature with


9. Dual power supplies design (normal 220V AC and backup central power supply);Automatically transfers to backup power in case of power outage.

10. Touch screen and keypad screen selectable.


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Parking Management System/ Parking Equipment

Parking Management System/ Parking Equipment

Parking Management System/ Parking Equipment

Parking Management System/ Parking Equipment
1.Tailored parking solution
2.Rich project experience
3.Quality product&service

Parking Management System

AKE Parking Management System offers parking equipment (hardware & software) to faciliate parking guidance and management. It is suitable for indoor parking space and multi-level parking building and it enables a driver to find the parking stall available within the shortest time ever.


1. System Composition


It is composed of Three Parts: i) ultrasonic detector and LED lamp; ii) Guidance Display; iii) software.

i) Ultrasonic detector installed above each parking slot real-timely detects parking lot occupancy status;


LED lamp which has two colors informs drivers of whether a parking lot is available or not. A red LED indicating the stall is occupied while a green LED indicates the stall is available.

ii)Guidance Display where real-time parking information is displayed and continuously updated informs drivers of overall parking : how many parking lots are available at each floor/ zone or in each direction and which direction to go in order to find nearby parking slot.


iii) Software is used to control all the equipment, collect data and send indication to different equipment. With PGS Software, one can realize comprehensive management of the whole parking lot.

2. System Function

Before & After.jpg

3. Technology Innovation

1) Innovative “digital filtering” technology prevents communication interruption between ultrasonic detectors.

2) Automatic detection range setup.

3) Manual regulation on real-time parking information via software.

4. System Advantage

A. Advantage for Drivers

1) No More Arduous Searching, Stress-free Parking;

2) Save Fuel and Alleviate Car Wearing;

3) Save Time;

4) Avoid Unnecessary Unpleasant Conflict from Parking.

B.Advantages for Parking Manager

1) High Lot Utilization , including Slots in Obscured Area;

2) Improve Traffic Flow with Drivers Guided Immediately to Vacant Parking Space;

3) Improve Customer Satisfaction;

4) Strengthen Comprehensive Carpark Management;

5) Optimize Human Resources with More Efficient Staffing of Parking Personnel Based on More Accurate Parking Facility Utilization Analysis.

C. Advantages for Environment

1) Reduced Exhaust Emission Makes Fresher and Healthy Air,

2) Contribute to the Fight against Global Greenhouse Effect;

3) Less cars driving around to search for vacant slots help reduce noise and contribute to more pleasant environment.

5. Projects

1) Wuxi Commercial Mansion


2) Wanda Commercial Real Estate— China No.1 Commercial Real Estate (about 40 shopping malls and 40,000 parking bays)


3) Beijing Bairong Trade Mall

4) Shenzhen Galaxy Development Center

5) Macau Science Center

6) Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Shenzhen


Some Projects Abroad



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