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5000W vertical wind turbine

Post Date : March 19
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Wind Power Generator


we have developed 4 blader wind generator,6 blader wind generator and vertical wind generator

we have developed 4 blader wind generator,6 blader wind generator and vertical wind generator,we are now keeping on our mind on more power of wind generators,all of our wind generators are of high efficient.

xis Wind-Power Turbine ( VAWT ) is a new product designed on the scheme of wind tunnel force.Now many of the famous experts the world wide have accepted such new technology and this technology will definitely lead the development of the small and middle size wind-power turbines. Following are the detail features of such VAWT:

Safe in operation:

Due to the usage of the vertical blade and the force support is of triangle form, the wind force will mainly press on the wheel. So the blades will not be able to fall down, to be broken or to be thrown far away.


The way of the turning of the blades is of horizontal and the design of the blade is of the scheme of the wing of the air-plane, so in operation the VAWT will not make any noise.

Capacity of wind resistance:

Due to the advantage of the design of the VAWT, the press force the turbine suffered is minimized and as the result such VAWT can stand on the extra strong typhoon of 50 m/s.

Space requirement:

It needs much smaller working space than other kinds of wind-power turbines. Thus not only saves the space, but also raises the working efficiency.

Power curve:

It needs lower wind speed for its starting and the increasing of the power is slow and stable. So its production capacity is 10-30% higher than other kinds of turbines.

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Residential Wind Turbine 2kw

Residential Wind Turbine 2kw

Residential Wind Turbine 2kw

We supplier wind generator from 300w to 20kw

Rated Power: 2kW

Max Power: 2.5kW

Output Voltage: 100V-150V

Generator: Three-phase, permanent magnet

Startup Wind Speed: 2m/s

Optimum Wind Speed: 9m/s

Maximum Wind Speed: 25m/s

Optimum Rotor Speed: 400r/m

Number of the Blades: 3

Rotor Diameter: 3.6m

Blade Material: Reinforced fiber glass

Weight of the Turbine with the Blades: 60kg

Reducer Transmission: No, direct transmission

Blade Pitch Control: None, Fixed Pitch

Gearbox: None, Direct Drive

Hurricane Protection: Automatic

Mast Size (Height): 6m, 9m or 12m

Mast type: Free Standing or Wire Guyed

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Home Wind Generator 1kw

Home Wind Generator 1kw

Home Wind Generator 1kw

We supplier wind generator from 300w to 20kw

Numbers of blade: 3
Materials of blade: FRP
Diameter of wind turbines (m): 2.7
Start-up Wind Speed (m/s): 2
Cut-in Wind Speed (m/s): 3
Rated Wind Speed (m/s): 8
Rated speed (rotate/minute): 400
Max. wind speed (m/s): 50
Generator: Permanent magnetic generator
Generator rated power (W): 1000
Max. output power (W): 1300
Output voltage (V DC): 48
Rated current (A): 19.5
Protect: Auto Furl
Altitude of tower (m): 9
Weight (kg): 180
Temperature Range: -40 to +60 Deg. C (-40 to +140 Deg. F)
Battery: 12V 200AH X4

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