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LPG CNG Sequential system kits

Post Date : March 26
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Zhejiang China (Mainland)


LPG CNG Sequential system kits,included Reducer,ECU,Injector Rail and so on.
1. Warranty: one year.
2. Use for sequential kits

LPG/CNG Injection Rail also is a very important kit for LPG injection system. Injection Rail resistance coil value is 3 ohm. Fuel gas Injection Rail with the engine filling gas tube have pressure gap value, then LPG pressure sensor change the pressure gap to electrical signal then send this signal to Fuel ECU. Now we have Injection for 4cylinder and 6cylinder.LPG CNG Sequential system kits

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CNG pressure sensor

CNG pressure sensor

CNG pressure sensor

CNG/NGV Pressure sensor:
1. Use for display gas quantity.
2. Delivery time: one week.
3. Weight: 0.116KGS/PC

CNG kit/cng kits/Manometer/sensor/gauge/LPG

1. CNG Manometer install on to Gas Pipe, through check gas pressure, change to Power signal, then sending to switch to display the residual amount of fuel in the Tank.

2. 0-40 MPa Y50A*400bar/6000Psi*G1/4

3. Screw connector G1/4

4. 2.5class

5. Chinese standard GB1226-86

6. Dial Plate: Double scale Bar and Psi.

lAuto gauge, pressure sensor, Pressure gauge, Manometer, Pressure manometer, Tank gauge, gas gauge, CNG pressure gauge, CNG,CNG sensor

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LPG/CNG/NGV Regulator

LPG/CNG/NGV Regulator

LPG/CNG/NGV Regulator

CNG/NGV Mixer system Reducer:
1. CNG Regulator use for Mixer system.
2. 2.3KGS/PC
3. PackingL Carton

CNG NGV Reducer also named Regulator: Details:

Technical data reducer CNG-T


Die cast Aluminium body


about 2 kg


15x15x10 cm

Max. inlet pressure

26 MPa

Solenoid voltage

12 V DC

Solenoid absorption

11 W

Inlet connection

ø6 mm pipe, M12x1

Outlet connection

raccordo orientabile, ø19 mm

Engine power

RMTA1001 - up to 100 HP


RMTA1010 - up to 140 HP


RMTA1020 - over 140 HP

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