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Post Date : April 17
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Facing (Surfacing) Mat
China (Mainland),Zhejiang
Chopped Strand Fiberglass Mat (CSM)



roofing tissue
1.pass CE,TUV,ISO9001 of the biggest producers of roofing tissue in China

roofing tissue

can produce different series as per different purposes.

GFT-1-13 Facing tissue is used in the building decoration materials like wall covering.

GRT-3-13 Fiberglass roofing tissue is mainly used as excellent substrates for water-proof roofing materials, it is reinforced in the bitumen sheet.

GWT-4-13 Pipe warp tissue is mainly used as basic materials for anti-corrosion wrapping on steel pipelines for oil or gas transportation

G-ST-5-13 FRP Surfacing tissue is mainly used for the surface layers of FRP products.


Fiberglass facing tissue is a new excellent basic material used in the ostentatious material of mineral wool, board, glass wall. It has capability like uniform fiber dispersion, smooth surface, well-distributed thickness, easily coated by various painting and good fire proof.

Size: 20g/ to 100g/

Color: White or black color

Width: 1m1.3m

Length: 25m, 50m


Fiberglass roofing tissue is mainly used as excellent substrates for water-proof roofing materials. It has good capability like high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and easy soakage by bitumen, and so on. The longitudinal strength and tear resistance can be improved further by incorporating reinforcements into the tissue across its whole width. The water-proof roofing tissue made of these substrates is not easy to crack, ageing and rot. Other advantages with water-proof roofing tissue are high strength, excellent uniformity, good weathering quality, and leaking resistance.

Width: 1m

Length: 2000m,3200m, 3400m, etc.

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Surface tissue veil mat

Surface tissue veil mat

Surface tissue veil mat

Fiberglass surface Tissue 20-100g/m2

Fiberglass surface felt the production process of peculiar, decided to its have namely the surface is fiber evenly dispersed, feel soft, good permeability, resin soak speed etc.


Surface felt used in the fiberglass products, good permeability make resin instantly penetrate into, and eliminate the bubble and white stains phenomenon, it good effect for any sexual complex shape of products and mold surface, can cover up the cloth grain, improve surface finish and the permeability, and at the same time enhance interlaminar shear strength and surface toughness, make the products improve corrosion resistance, is manufacture high quality glass fiber reinforced plastic mold and the products of the essential supplies.

Product features

The glass mat for FRP surface has a fiber dispersion, smooth surface, soft hand-feeling, low binder content , fast resin impregnation and good mould obedience which make it most applicable to other FRP molding processes such as press moulding , spray-up, centrufugal rotating moulding.

1 C-glass tissue used in machine or continuous operation paste hand made of fiberglass products (FRP), the plate, the pipeline, groove, cans, yacht, tub products.

2 E-glass fiberglass felt used for thin epoxy after COINS and electrical insulation products.

3 Alkali glass fiber thin felt used in battery of isolation, waterproofing roof, plasterboard is the panel, plastic floor and chemical pipe lined with leakage, corrosion quality materials.


E-Glass C-Glass


usually white





roll length


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fiberglass needle felt mat blanket

fiberglass needle felt mat blanket

fiberglass needle felt mat blanket

Fiberglass needled mat comprised of high purity E-Glass fibers. Chopping in 3cm-8cm fiber by guillotine machine.

Fiberglass needled mat comprised of high purity E-Glass fibers. Chopping in 3cm-8cm fiber by guillotine machine. And then puffed, carded and continuously needled by thousands special needles.
Fiberglass needled mat comprised of inorganic E-Glass fibers. It mainly contains siliceous alumina and calcium oxide. Has excellent quality on heat insulation efficiency, obdurability, fireproofing, non-corrosiveness.

Specially excellent in electrical insulation. Fiberglass needled mat needled by e-glass. The resulting product has large number of minute air spaces and excellent sound absorption


Thickness (mm)


Width (mm)


Length (mm)


Weight of unit acreage(g/m2)


Density (kg/m3)


1.Heat performance light performance:Inorganic, non-combustibility
2.The coefficient of linear thermal expansion:48X10-6cn/cm/°C
3.Specific heat:0.19cal/9°C
4.Heat exchange rate:0.19kcal/m.h°C
5.Softening temperature:850°C
6.Refractive index:(25°C):1.55
7.Mechanical Properties:fiberglass bears high tensile strength and stablility
8.High tensile strength:350kg/mm2
9.Modules ofelasticity:7300kg/mm2
10. Elongation at 25°C:4.8%
11.Electrical Insulation Properties:fiberglass bears excellent electric insulation
12.Dielectric constant:102hz-6.43 104hz-6.32
13.Loss tangent:102hz-0.0042 1010hz-0.006
14.Volume resistivity:1010cm
15.Corrosion Properties:does not absorb water, rot, mildew, deteriorate or decay

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