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Pumpkin antenna

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Post Date : April 24
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SMA joint
China (Mainland),Guangdong


Type number RH-LG

The main techn ical indexes of Maintechnicalspecifications

Frequency range (MHz) 2400-2485 Frequency Range (MHz) 2400-2485

Band width (MHz) 85 Bandwidth (MHz) 85

Voltage standing Bobbi ≤ 1.5 VSWR ≤ 1.5

Gain (dBi) 5 Gain (dBi) 5

The maximum power (W) 50 Max Input power (W) 50

The input impedance (Ω) 50 Input Impedance (Ω)

Polarization form vertical or horizontal polarization of the PoIarization Type VerticaI or HorizontaI

The length of antenna (mm) 110 AntennaLength (mm) 110

Interface form of SMA-J Connector Type SMA-J

Delivery place: Guangdong Shenzhen logistics freight:

The seller bear the freight

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Wall-mounted antenna

Wall-mounted antenna

Wall-mounted antenna

Technical parameters of Specification

The frequency range of frequecy range -MHz 2400-2483

Bandwidth of bandwidth-MHz 83

Angle of 120

Gain gain-dBi 14

Lobe width beamwidth ° E, 14 ° H and 10 ° face face

Before and after F/B rorio_dB ≥ 31

Voltage in Bobbi VSWR ≤ 1.5

Polarization horizontal or vertical polarization mode of Level or Vertical

The maximum power of Max power-W 100

Input impedance of 50 nominal impedance-.

Joint model connector (N-female or other) N acne

The size of the antenna of antenna dimnsion-m 250*220*60mm

The weight of weight -kg 2

The working temperature of the work temperature- °C -30 °C ~60 °C

Wind strength of rated wind velocity 60M/S

Description of explain with 50-75mm

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Patch antenna

Patch antenna

Patch antenna

Brand: RH type: RH-TP

Gain: 2 frequency range: 900-1800 (MHz)

Output impedance: 50 (Ω) working voltage: 3-5 (V

Maximum power: 1800 (W) length: 300 (mm)

In communications, the company's existing GSM/CDMA/PHS base station antenna series, repeater and indoor antenna. The antenna adapter, GPS series, 1.2/2.4/5.8MHZ series of spread spectrum antenna. Yagi directional antenna series, wireless and digital chuck antenna series, each band microstrip antenna and communication accessories, a total of ten series of more than 120. Run the arrester, voltage regulator power, cable and other products.

Set a solid production technology and perfect quality system, has passed ISO9002 quality system certification, all products reputation grow with each passing day, for the domestic telecommunications, mobile, Unicom, aviation, military and other fields supporting the production, to establish a good relationship of cooperation.

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