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PPR Fittings-ppr ball valve

  • RMB 0.14 - 136 / Piece  
  • 5000 Piece/Pieces
  • ningbo port
  • RMB 0.14 - 136 / Piece
  • 5000 Piece/Pieces
  • 3000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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ningbo port
RMB 0.14 - 136 / Piece
5000 Piece/Pieces
3000000 Piece/Pieces per Month


ppr pipe and fitting
Materials:PPR from Korea Hyosung
Size: DN20 ---DN110
Usage:Cold and Hot drinking water supply

PP-R Pipe Fittings
Size(mm)DN20 25 32 40 50 63 75 90 110
Heat Conductivity0.21w/mk
Vicat softening temperature131.5°c
Linear expansion coefficient0.15mm/mk
PressurePN1.25 to PN2.5
Temprature(-40)° c ~ +95°c
Packageusual packing or as your request
Chemicalresistance to corrossion
Serviceable lifemore than 50 years
CertificationGB/T18745.2-2002 ISO 9001:2000
Portable,to be transported and handled conveniently.
Low construction expense due to easy and reliable installation.
Suitable for both exposed and hidden installation.
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ppr pipe fitting thread female tee

ppr pipe fitting thread female tee

ppr pipe fitting thread female tee

ppr pipe and fitting
Materials:PPR type 3 from Korea,58-3 brass
Size: DN20 ---DN110
Usage:Cold and Hot drinking water supply

PP-R pipe fitting product performance
Water supply Poly: Propylene Random(PP-R)pipe for construction with international leading level, which is of environmental protection and saves the energy has following features
Light weight: Density is 0.89-0.92g/cm3 only 1/9 of steel pipe, 1/10 of purple steel pipe. Due to light weight,it can reduce the transportation cost and works for installing.
Long service life: Under the normal environment temperature,and the working pressure of PP-R pipe is 10kg/cm2 its service life is longer than other pipes made of different material, the reason is that it has the anti-heat performance( the service life is up to 50 years under 70o C.
Good anti-corrosion property: The ion in the water and the chemical matter in the building can't make the pipe cause extra chemical reaction, it can't rust,erode,and bring the bacillus.
Low thermal conductivity: Heat conduction is 0.23-0.24W/mk at 20oC, it is much lower than that of steel pipe(43-52W/mk) and purple steel pipe (333W/mk).
Strong heat resistance: When the working water temperature is 70oC, It can be used for long time,when it is used for short term,the temperature reaches 95oC.
Firm pipe fittings connection Because polypropylene has fine thermal casting performance, thermal casting between the pipe and pipe fittings with the same material as a integration, it can prevent water leaking.
Recycling propertyDuring being produced, constructed and used, it has no pollution to environment, its waste can be recycled, it is belong to healthy product.
Complete settingThe mating of PP-R pipe system is complete, so it can meet the project mating requirement of water supply pipe in the room and residential district.
Reasonable priceThe price of PP-R pipe is equal to that of galvanized pipe, but it is more convenient in construction,even the construction price is lower.

1. ppr pipe fitting Light weight, convenient to transport and handle.

2. ppr pipe fitting High strength.

3. ppr pipe fitting Less resistance.

4. ppr pipe fitting Cppr pipe fitting orrosion resistance.

5. ppr pipe fitting No pipe furring.

6. ppr pipe fitting Sound insulation.

7. ppr pipe fitting Easy to install.

8. ppr pipe fitting Long lifespan.

9. ppr pipe fitting Low cost.

10. ppr pipe fitting Hygienic harmless potable water installations.

11. ppr pipe fitting Recyclable: thereby benefiting the environment.

12. ppr pipe fitting Colors: green, other custom-made colors available.

13. ppr pipe fitting Healthy and non-toxic, bacterial neutral, conforming to drinking water standards.

14. ppr pipe fitting Resistant to high temperatures with good impact strength.

15. ppr pipe fitting Reliable installation, low construction expense.

16. ppr pipe fitting Good heat preservation.

17. ppr pipe fitting Smooth inner walls reduce pressure loss and increase flow speed.

18. ppr pipe fitting Sound insulation (reduced by 40% compared to galvanized steel pipes).

19. ppr pipe fitting Light colors and excellent design ensure suitability for both exposed and hidden installation.

20. ppr pipe fitting Long usage life of at least 50years.

Made of PPR, more items are available for your choice
Many sizes and kinds for your choice and we can produce new items according to your requirement.

Available sizes are DN20X1/2 DN25X1/2 DN25X3/4 DN32X1/2 DN32X3/4 DN32X1" DN40X1(1/4) DN50X1(1/2) DN63X2"

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PPR Fittings

PPR Fittings

PPR Fittings

Material: PP-R of Hyosung KoreaR200P, brass 58-3,59-1
Size: DN20 25 32 40 50 63 75 90 110
Delivery: fast
Service: excellent

PP-R Pipe Fittings


Size(mm)DN20 25 32 40 50 63 75 90 110
MaterialRandom Polypropylene or PP-R and Brass inserts
Low heat Conductivity0.21w/mk , 1/1500of brass pipe, 1/250 of steel pipe
Vicat softening temperature≥131.5°c
Low coefficient of thermal expansion0.16mm/(m·k)
Low coefficent of friction0.007
Support pressure45kgf/cm2, ≥2.5Mpa
Temperature(-40)° c ~ +110°c
Oxygen penetration coefficient0
ChemicalUV resistant; smooth outer and inner wall;
free from blisters, roughness; no scaling, antibacterial;
Serviceable lifemore than 50 years
CertificationISO9001:2000 ISO14001 CE
Portable,to be transported and handled conveniently.
Low installation expense due to easy and reliable installation.
Suitable for both exposed and hidden installation.
Application Area:
1. Piping systems for transporting hot and cold water in dwelling house;
2. Piping systems for transporting and discharging industrial and chemical subject;
3. Pipeline for purified water, drinking water;
4. Piping systems for producing and conveying beverage and drug;
5. Pipeline for compressed air;
6. Other piping systems in industry and agriculture.
Optional Information:
1.Delivery: FOB Ningbo, days negotiable
3.MOQ: Negotiable
5.Packing: Nylon bag, Carton
6.Country of Origin: China
7.From production to delivery, we provide you with a clear process in quick
respose and good service

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