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Crankshaft Sensor

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Anhui China (Mainland)
accroding to engine
according to engine
1000 Piece/Pieces
100000 Perch/Perches per Month
Crankshaft Sensor


1.High precision, good seal;
2.High air-gap range, compact structure, flexible installation;
3.low-speed high-output signal

Product features:

crankshaft position sensor by using the angle detection signal round crankshaft position, the output to the electronic control unit crank angle signal and engine speed signals, electronic control unit according to the signal, and regulate fuel injection, ignition timing.

Features / Benefits:

High precision, good seal;
High air-gap range, compact structure, flexible installation;
When low-speed high-output signal;

Performance parameters:
Speed range: Typical 20 ~ 7000rpm
Air gap: 0.1 ~ 1.5 mm typical
Coil Resistance: 860 ± 10% @ 20 degree
Inductance: 370mH ± 15% @ 1kHZ
Accuracy (absolute): ± 0.5 ° Crs
Operating temperature: -40 ~ 150 degree

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Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

1.High precision,good seal
2.Low-speed high-output signal
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4.strict quality inspection

Product features:

Water temperature sensor detect the temperature change by using NTC with the features of high precision and fast response,and it is widely used iin detecting temperature areas of engine water temperature and transmission oil temperature.

Features / Benefits:

High precision, good seal;
When low-speed high-output signal;

Rapid delivering ;

Strict quality inspection;

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ABS sensor

ABS sensor

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ABS wheel speed sensor anti-lock control system is (ABS) of the key components, it is the wheel speed is converted to electrical signal input ABS electronic control unit (ECU), ECU the input wheel speed, by reducing duplication or increase the pressure in the wheel brake to control wheel spin rate to keep the wheels turning.

Features / Benefits:
Electromagnetic non-contact measurement
Parameters can be designed according to customer needs

Performance parameters:
Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 150 degree
Output frequency range: 17 ~ 1500HZ

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