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High quality Cement curing cabinet (spraying curing)

  • USD 5000 - 5500 / Set  [Get Latest Price]
  • 1 Set/Sets
  • China (Mainland),Jiangsu
  • 95-100%RH
  • 150kg
  • 5-10 working days
  • Tag:Cement curing cabinet, cement curing equipments, construction material curing equipments
  • Supplier - Serve Real Instruments Co.,Ltd
  • China (Mainland)China (Mainland)
  • US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
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Post Date : April 04
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China (Mainland),Jiangsu
5-10 working days
201 Degree C
Ultrasonic humidifier
12 months



This equipment is widely used in concrete, thermal insulation material, paint, structural adhesive, water-proof material, cement mortar stand curing, shrinkage and creep tests.

Technical parameters



Instrument accuracy


Controllable temperature


Heating power


Refrigerating power


Control humidity


Dehumidification power


Humidify/humidifying volume(supersonic humidifying automatic water supply

35W 300ml/H

Power supply

220±10V 50±1Hz

Inside net size


Overall size


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Constant temperature cement curing trough

Constant temperature cement curing trough

Constant temperature cement curing trough


The newly developed equipment working principle: the constant temperature unit can control the water temperature inside the constant temperature water cabinet, then through the circulation pump and constant temperature water piper to the interlayer, and conduct the heat to the water through the stainless steel. independent temperature control sensor is installed in every trough, the sensors are directly placed in the water, the temperature control unit can control the water temperature within the range of 20±0.3°C by control the action of circulation water pump and solenoid valve, the temperature fluctuation is ±0.5C

Technical specifications

2.1. Basic function: refrigeration, hot pump heating, auxiliary heating, automatic control

2.2. Working voltage: AC 220V/50HZ

2.3. Refrigerating power: 735-1500W

2.4. Heating power: 980W

2.5. Temperature control range: 20±0.3°C

2.6. Humidity accuracy: ±0.3°C

2.7. Overall size: 1300*680*2230mm (can freely match)

2.8. Machine volume: 3 layers, 2 slots in every layer, 100pcs/slot, so totally can accommodate 600pcs cement specimens.

2.9. Room condition requirements: area about 15m2, equips 220V power, 3 KW power supply, water supply and water out.

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Manual Flow Table, cement flow test apparatus

Manual Flow Table, cement flow test apparatus

Manual Flow Table, cement flow test apparatus

1. Application

This instrument is mainly used to test cement mortar flow rate to define the suitable water content filled in the cement mortar, it's kind of common cement testing instrument.

2. Structure

This flow table kit is hand shank type, it can stop rotate automatically after 30times jump with the control of numerical control unit. The jump part is comprised of thrust rod and round plate, there is a supporting wheel installed at the lower end of thrust rod, its top is connected with round plate, there is glass pane padded on top of the round plate, graduated paper is padded down the glass pane, the glass pane is fixed on the round plate by clips, the jump part total weight is 3.45+0.02kg, it contact the rotation wheel cam’s highest point through the supporting wheel, rotate the hand wheel to make the round plate bulge part surface contact the frame upper surface, then the round table will move up and down. The round table jump range is 10±0.1mm. Accessories including the cylinder tamper, frustum round mould, mould sleeve, one pc for each type.

3. Overall size

1. 350*270*310mm

2. 16kg (including full set accessories)

4. Installation

1. The instrument should be installed on the concrete base whose thickness is no less than 300mm by foundation bolts.

2. Calibrate the horizontal level by adjusting the foundation bolts, the level should be tested by level gauge.

3. Check the distance between the round plate bulge part and frame surface, which should be within the range of 10±0.1mm.

4. If the distance range is ok, extract the numerical positioning pin, rotate the hand wheel to see if the thrust rod can slide up and down freely, if the table can stop automatically after 30 times jumps. If everything is ok, then rotate the hand wheel till the numerical positioning pin can plug into the location hole.

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