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Automatic Asphalt Ductility Tester

  • USD 3000 - 4000 / Set  [Get Latest Price]
  • 1 Set/Sets
  • China (Mainland),Jiangsu
  • TT/LC
  • 10 working days
  • Sea or air
  • Tag:Automatic Asphalt Ductility Tester, Asphalt ductility testing machine, asphalt testing instruments
  • Supplier - Serve Real Instruments Co.,Ltd
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Post Date : April 07
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China (Mainland),Jiangsu
10 working days
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This Asphalt ductility testing equipment is designed to test the Stretch up to fracture length under certain temperature & speed, the length is calculated in cm. it’s kind of common asphalt testing equipment.

Main features

  • With humanized design, no screw rod, track, and other device in the test slot; easy installation for test-piece, newly transmission design, stable stretch, constant speed, no shake, accurate ductility indication. The max stretch length is 1m
  • Micro-computer control technology, the printer can print the test results automatically, through the RS232 port can communicate with computer
  • Can synchronously do the ductility test and tensile test for the same test-piece
  • After stretch test, test-piece can return automatically with precise positioning
  • LCD display controller, waterproof, durable in use, easy clean

Main technical parameters

Working power

AC 220V(-5% - +10%),50Hz

Measuring range


Heating power


Temperature control range

(5-49)°C adjustable, digital display

Temperature precision


Stretch speed

10 mm/min , 50mm/min two steps

Measuring precision

±1 mm

Ductility indication

Single-chip control, digit display after procession

Force-measuring range


Force-measuring accuracy


Data output

Micro-printer print output

Cool method

1 horse power compressor refrigeration, input power 950W

Ambient temperature

(-10 - +35)°C

Relative humidity


Total power consumption


Overall size


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Automatic Bitumen penetrometer ASTM AASHTO

Automatic Bitumen penetrometer ASTM AASHTO

Automatic Bitumen penetrometer ASTM AASHTO

Tags: Automatic Bitumen penetrometer, Bitumen testing equipment

Standards: JTG E20 T2801, ASTM D5, AASHTO T49


The Automatic penetrometer is used to determine the penetration of bituminous materials. It also can be used in food industry, road engineering, and many other industries. Advanced mechanical design, easy regulation of lifting; digital type temperature control meter, accurate temperature control, high precision needle penetration digit meter guarantee the reliable results. Advanced machinery design, easy lifting regulation, digital temperature meter, accurate temperature control, high accuracy needle penetration tester guarantee the reliable test result.


  • Digital indication of needle penetration value
  • 6 steps of penetration timing device, high control accuracy
  • Coarse / fine regulation on lifting frame, easy regulation, accurate needle aligning.
  • Equipped with grease smasher, constant temperature bath, automatic control of water bath, multifunction, highly cost effective.
  • By choosing standard needle, specimen plate, thermometer, weights can do some different test.

Technical specifications

Testing range

(0~600)needle penetration

Needle penetration timing device

5/8/10/12/30/60s is optional, time error < ±0.1s



Standard needle

2.5g±0.05g(basic configuration, see attachment)

Heater power


Temperature control accuracy

(25±0.1)°C (ambient temperature not over than 20°C)

Temperature control mode

High precision digital temperature controller

Constant temperature bath

Hardened glass jar


Magnetic bead automatic stirring

Standard needle weight

2.5±0.05g, plunger weight 47.5g, weights weight 50±0.05g 1pc

Lifting frame

Coarse / fine regulation on lifting device, for easy aligning to specimen surface

Overall size


Standard configurations

Load frame 1set

Standard needle & plunger assembly set, 1unit

50g Standard weights, unit

Thermostatic water trough: 15L with holder inside, 1unit

Sample dish: Φ55×H35mm 1unit, Φ70×H45(optional),Φ55×H70(optional)

Trigonal supporter 1pc

Magnetic stirring bead 1pc

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Digital Concrete penetration tester

Digital Concrete penetration tester

Digital Concrete penetration tester

Technical specifications

Specimen container(upper caliper× Lower caliper× Depth): φ160mm×φ150mm×150mm

Max penetration force: 1000N

Penetration depth: 25 mm

Penetration speed (human control): 2.5mm/s

Penetration needle area: 100mm2, 50mm2, 20mm2

Penetration point (self choose): > 13 points

Force measuring method: digital display

Min resolution: 1N

Indication error: ±10 N

Power supply: 220V 50Hz

Power: 70W

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