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Horizontal Fertilizer Mixing Machine

Post Date : June 08
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Whirlston Machinery
China (Mainland),Henan


Horizontal mixing machine is designed in double shaft model for large mixing capacity. It is newly developed high efficiency powder blending equipment in many fields such as pharmacy,food,compound fertilizer,health care products,dyestuff,building materials,refractory material,resin glass and nuclear materials,etc.

1.Multifunctionsal.Applied to many heavy industry fields such as chemicals,pharmacy,food,fertilizer,dyestuff,construction materials,resin glass,ect.
2.High mixing speed and uniformly mixing,low noise.
3.Reduction gears is matched to make sure stable mixing.
4.Carbon steel materials,durable and simple maintenance cost.
5.Low energy consumption,simple operation.

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Fertilizer Vertical Mixing Machine

Fertilizer Vertical Mixing Machine

Fertilizer Vertical Mixing Machine

Fertilizer mixing machine offered in Whirlston can be divided into vertical type and horizontal type.Vertical mixing machine is composed of feeding cylinder,main mixing shaft,machine rack,motor,cycloidal reducer,rotating arms and stiring spades,etc. The motor is installed vertically and that’s why we call it vertical mixing machine. Vertical mixing machine rack is fabricated with abrasion resistant steel and on inner side liner PVC plate is equipped to prevent particles sticking.

1.Robust structure.It is fabricated with abrasion resistant steel,wear resistance,durable.
2.Rational design and configuration. PVC plate padded to prevent sticking the inside liner.

3.Cycloidal reducer,high speed and efficiency,energy saving.
4.Average mixing and crushing, easy to oeprate and discharge materials.
5.Can either work independently or matched with fertilizer plant.

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Self-propelled Compost Turner-20 Series

Self-propelled Compost Turner-20 Series

Self-propelled Compost Turner-20 Series

1.Customized bio-organic fertilizer making equipment,specially fit for manure compost processing.
2.Advanced drum design ensures variable drum speed and maximum aeration, CO2 release.
3.Reasonbale knife structure makes average blending,crushing effect and is simple to maintain.
4.Professional manufacturing craftsmanship,standard spare parts-convenient to fix or change.
5.Adjustable turning capacity 400-1000m³/h.
6.Small space occupation, flexible button to raise or lower down turnur drums.

Compost is a type of nutrient-rich,long manurial effect bio-organic fertilizer. It mainly consists of various plant residue(crop straw,weed,leaf,peat,rubbish and other waste,etc) and human or animal manure; these mixtures finally form compost by means of 7-10 days composting and decomposing. Compost plays quite a fundamental role in the whole growing process of crops and plants. To make good quality and nutritious bio-organic fertilizer, the very composting tool --compost turner is necessary.

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