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eccentric press

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  • China (Mainland),Jiangsu
  • 35mm
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  • 130mm
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Post Date : August 07
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China (Mainland),Jiangsu
145 times/min


J23 series general open back & inclinable press

The C type small press machine of whole structure and characteristics

1. The press is for cutting, punching, blanking, bending and light stretching work.

2. C-Type Steel-welded frame, high rigidity and less deformation Compact,wide body frame eliminating vibration for improved ide life and machine.

3. Rigid construction guarantees exact die mating,Six-side long rectangle guides of the slide with high moving precision and high accuracy, extending the service life of the die.

4. Highly advanced, rigidly supported gears, operate in oil bath without any noise saves space, reduces, shaft deflection, increases gear life.

5. High accuracy, high efficiency, simple and convenient operation, good performance, favorable price and best service.

Main features of C type small press

1) Adopts horizontal placed crankshaft

2) Rigid rotated bond clutch

3) Manual shut height adjustment with scale display

4) Light curtain protector is optional

Technical date of C type small press

Nominal pressure


Nominal pressure stroke


Ram stroke


Stroke time

145 times/min

Max. mould height


Mould height adjustment


Distance from stroke surface to table


Working table dimension


Bore size on the table


Thickness of working table


Dimension of slide base

150X170 mm

Max inclining degree


Distance between columns


Motor power




Net/ Gross weight


J23 series.jpg

J23 series (2).jpg


fifter and lion.jpg

Guarantee: within one year since the date of B/L



We can supply eccentric press in various tonnages.

Please contact us for details.


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NC silicon steel diagonal slitting machine

NC silicon steel diagonal slitting machine

NC silicon steel diagonal slitting machine

NC silicon steel diagonal slitting machine, bevelled cutting silicon strips in variable width for winding cores with different shaped columns.

NC silicon steel diagonal slitting machine is comprised of silicon steel coil decoiler, main slitting device (WZK-450 is equipped with single cutting head), three-station recoiling device, NC control system, one set of carbide alloy slitting blades.

Main features of NC silicon steel diagonal slitting machine:

-- Special software (to be installed into your computer) for calculating silicon steel strip width and length based on a wound core size.

-- High automation: automatic positioning blade original, automatic start & stop, displaying processing dimension;

-- Multi-purpose: slit strips for different column-shaped cores, such as round section column, trapezoidal section column, round + trapezoidal combined section column;

-- High performance and long life by using high precision ball screw and linear guide, step motor and inverter, etc.

-- Recoiling device has functions for strip positioning and tension adjusting

-- PLC & HMI are world famous brand

-- Main electric components are Schneider brand

Main technical data of NC silicon steel diagonal slitting machine:

-- Suitable for producing transformers with various kinds of wound cores:

1) Max. diameter of wound core column: plane 230mm; 3D 300mm

2) Max. transformer capacity: 1600kVA

-- Material utilization rate:

1) Round section: about 90% by nesting

2) Round + trapezoidal combined section: more than 95%

3) Trapezoidal section: 100%

-- Slitting strips: two pieces one time

-- Max. raw silicon strip width: 450mm

-- Thickness range of silicon steel: 0.2-0.35mm

-- Slitting speed: max. 40m/min, continuous adjustable

-- Slitting width precision: +/-0.2mm

-- Burr height: less than 0.03mm

-- Rated power: 5kW

-- Material of slitting blades: carbide alloy

-- Life of slitting blades: more than 100,000m before grinding

-- Dimension of the machine: about 8000 x 1500 x 1300mm

-- Weight: about 2000kg

Wound cores can be made by the silicon steel strips slitted by this NC silicon steel diagonal slitting machine:
wound core in round section

three-phase wound core in round section

3-phase wound core in trapezoidal section

tridimensional wound core

toroidal wound core in rectangular section

Photos of the NC silicon steel diagonal slitting machine trial run:

NC silicon steel diagonal slitting machine trial runNC silicon steel diagonal slitting machine trial run

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CNC Step-lap Silicon Steel Cutting Machine

CNC Step-lap Silicon Steel Cutting Machine

CNC Step-lap Silicon Steel Cutting Machine

CNC step-lap silicon steel cutting machine is full automatic, cuts transformer laminations in different shape and length, with hole punch and notches online.

CNC step-lap silicon steel cutting machine is designed similar to Georg line, specially equipped with column stacking function.

I Lamination strips can be cut by this CNC step-lap silicon steel cutting machine:

lamination strips cut by the compact transformer core cutting machine

II Main features of CNC step-lap silicon steel cutting machine:

1) Full automatically, from decoiling to stacking, only three operators are needed

2) Good & reliable punching/shearing power: imported hydraulic servo control, quick speed, low noise and long life

3) Good & reliable feeding power: big torque AC servo motor, quick responding, high positioning precision, low noise, low braking heat loss, long life

4) Track positioning: servo motor pulling ball screw, linear guide positioning, quick, accurate, convenient; automatically memberizing track width.

5) Movement control: adopts advance PCC controller, Ethernet Powerlink communication technology, massly reduces wire connection and so raise the reliability, stability and realtime ability of the system; remote control and diagnosis

6) Simple & intuitive operation: choose strip shape and input sizes and dimensions on the touch screen

7) Adopts inverted-support collecting method which can collect and order 5m long strips and reduces the vibration, thus reduces affects to magneting performance of CRGO strips during processing.

8) Equipped with Step-Lap function, step-lap quantity can be 7.

9) Imported world famous brand parts, such as linear rail, ball screw, bearings, etc., assure machine long life

III Composition of the CNC step-lap silicon steel cutting machine:

1) Double-head hydraulic expansion decoiler, inverter control, automatic decoiling

2) Automatic servo feeding system

3) Servo controlled O-shape punching press

4) V-shape punching press, servo controlled transverse feeding

5) 45°electric shear, servo control, central positioning

6) 135°electric shear, servo control, central positioning

7) Track positioning device

8) Flat belt transmitting device

9) Collecting system (servo positioning, magnet absorbing)

10) Double-layer unloading car

11) Electric control system, and control box

12) Pneumatic system

IV Layout of the CNC step-lap silicon steel cutting machine:

layout of CNC silicon steel cut to length line with step lap

V Main technical data of the CNC step-lap silicon steel cutting machine:





CRGO coil width




Cutting length




CRGO thickness




Cut-to-length precision




Burr height




Cutting angle precision




Feeding Speed




One cut duration




Cutting/punching tool life

1,200,000 times before grinding

Max. step-lap stroke




Step-lap quantities

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Positioning method

Central line positioning

Strip collecting method

Inverted support type, auto stacking


10.4'' VGA color TFT display and 44 function keys and 20 system keys

Total electric power




Line occupation (LxWxH)




VI HMI displaying demo of the CNC step-lap silicon steel cutting machine:

HMI displaying of CNC silicon steel cut-to-length line with step-lap

VII Photos of the parts in the CNC step-lap silicon steel cutting machine:

automatic column stacking device of the CNC silicon steel cut-to-length line with step-lap

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